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HOMELESS NOT INVISIBLE: Marc Zammit’s Award Winning Directorial Debut HOMELESS ASHES is NOW Available on Amazon Prime!

17 April 2020

Homeless Not Invisible

The Fan Carpet are excited to share the news that Aptitude Films have releases debut film Homeless Ashes from filmmaker Marc Zammit about homelessness on digital platforms.

Homeless Ashes is an award-winning independent film which shines a light on homelessness. It does this with an emotional gut punch of a story that takes you through the twists and turns in the life of Frankie the lead character in this rollercoaster of a story as he runs away from home and must survive on the streets. After a sold-out cinema release with Everyman cinema back in March 2020 the film is now available on Vimeo and Amazon and coming soon to other digital platforms.



Marc Zammit who directs as well as stars in the film as Frankie described his motivation for making the film “I witnessed homelessness on a massive scale growing up in London. None of us are far from it; it could touch any one of us at any time.

Each person living homeless has a story and deserves to be heard. They are homeless but not invisible. I met so many amazing people living on the streets whilst researching this film. It is dedicated to them.”

Frankie runs away after a traumatic incident at home and ends up on the streets where he discovers drugs and violence are just a way of life. With the help of his friends such as Chico and his childhood friend Nicole he faces up to reality and makes the decision to change his life for the better.



The film had its UK premiere at Raindance film festival in November 2019 and has won numerous awards at film festivals before its public release in March 2020 at Everyman cinema. Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance Film Festival described Marc Zammit as ‘one to watch.’

The film was funded from a crowdfunding campaign that raised over £80,000 and filmed in blocks over four years. It stars Jason Flemyng (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) as a hot dog vendor who is friends with Frankie. Lew Temple (The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) plays homeless character Chico who is best friends with Frankie.



Homeless Ashes Film Page | Watch NOW on Amazon


About Aptitude Films
Aptitude Films is a film production company founded by Marc Zammit and James Fuller that aims to makes bold and exciting films that entertain and inspire.

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