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Hooten & The Lady’s Ophelia Lovibond got stuck in filming the Adventure series she’s up for being the next Jason Bourne

17 September 2016

Whilst she plays the spirited aristocrat Lady Alexandra Spencer-Parker in Sky 1's new series Hooten & The Lady alongside Michael Landes, sought after Actress Ophelia Lovibond is ready to become the next big action hero.

Taking to Digital Spy, the Actress known for Man Up, Elementary, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mr. Popper's Penguins and said she got really stuck in when filming the 8-part adventure series explaining "That was a big appeal of the show, because I love all of that - I'm the irresponsible one who jumps off the mountain into the lagoon without checking how deep it is first...

So the idea that I could get to do that in my work was brilliant. They could see that I was quite gung-ho, so they just let me do it - the fight sequences, the abseiling, the climbing, stunt-driving.

They strapped me into a helicopter and flew me up in the air and I was dangling out of it... and I was allowed to do it, which was great."

Hooten & The Lady airs on Friday’s at 9pm on Sky 1 and talking about the series, Lovibond added "It has really whet my appetite for doing more, that wasn't something I was aware I'd like to do more of, but now when I see these Jason Bourne-esque films, I think, 'Ooh, that'd be fun, actually!'

I'll call up Paul Greengrass, like, 'Heeeeyyy!' and see what he says..."

Lovibond currently has André Øvredal’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe and the Edinburgh International Film Festival favourite Tommy’s Honour ready for release.

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