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Horrible Bosses 2 – In Cinemas Friday – Jennifer Aniston: The True Queen of Comedy

24 November 2014

To celebrate the upcoming release of Horrible Bosses 2 into cinemas on November 28th, it is time look at the brilliance that is Jennifer Aniston. She has been the Queen of Comedy from the start of the millennium.

From her start in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to her many movies like The Switch; Aniston has had audiences laughing with her witty remarks and unstoppable comedic flow. Here are a few of her best moments that speak to her brilliance...

The One Where Ross Finds Out: FRIENDS

This classic episode shows the brilliance of Aniston, and how she can play the part of your really drunk friend who made a stupid call so well. After a drunk night out during season 2, Rachel decided to call Ross and tell him she is “over” him, but when she is sober the next day she does whatever it takes to make sure Ross does not receive this message. Aniston plays the part so well it is hilarious to laugh at Rachel as she does what she can to prevent everyone’s worst nightmare, leaving traces of that wicked drunk night.

Quitting Her Job: Office Space

In this cult classic about disgruntled workers, Aniston plays a waitress at a “T.G.I. Friday’s” style restaurant. Covered in her work “flair” and wearing a pinstriped shirt, Aniston makes an amazing performance out of simply quitting a job her character hated. We all have been there, wishing we could quit a horrid job exactly like Aniston, with plenty of “flair” and pent-up rage to communicate the message.

Teaching Her “Son” How To Kiss: We’re The Millers

This movie about a drug dealer using a fake family to transport drugs has Aniston performing as a stripper pretending to be an All-American and wholesome mother. When she realizes her fake son cannot kiss, she gives him a lesson, with some help from her fake daughter. This scene captures not only how sexy Aniston is, but her ability to push the limits and make an awkward situation hilarious.

As the Best Mother Ever: The Switch

Tired of waiting for the right person to have a kid with Aniston’s character, Kassie, takes matters into her own hands and has a child using donor sperm, but when the donor is switched to her best friend without her knowledge a rampage of sweet, awkward, and hilarious moments ensue. Kassie is the doting mother who knows how to be the sarcastic tell it like it is friend. She may not pull out all the punch lines, but Aniston knows how to make her smart remarks about her best friend, especially his clothing, leave us in stitches.

The Most Powerful Lover: Bruce Almighty

In this movie about Jim Carey, aka Bruce, gaining all of the powers of God, Aniston plays his beloved girlfriend, Grace. As per usual her one liners are on point, but one of her best moment is when Bruce uses his powers to become the best lover ever. Apparently, he is so good Aniston doesn’t even need him there, as proven by this scene in the bathroom. Aniston knows how to get out of her comfort zone and make us laugh at the impossibility of a guy being this good, at least without the powers of God.

Everything in Horrible Bosses

As the dominating vixen that is Dr. Julia Harris, Aniston leaves boundaries behind, and the result could not be any more incredible. She does whatever it takes to show that she really is a twisted dentist who takes great pleasure in sexually harassing her assistant. Usually Aniston is the nice character, but as one of the evil bosses, Aniston shows a new side that makes fans only love her more. What will happen when she reprises this role in Horrible Bosses 2? Who knows, but run to cinemas on November 28th to watch the Queen of Comedy in action!

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