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Horrific autopsy results released for Jackson

29 June 2009

While the battle for Jackson's kids and estate is still underway the horrific results of the first autopsy were released stating the singer's body was riddled with track marks, scars, and was almost bald.

Michael Jackson was once on top of the world, now reduced to 112 lbs at the time of his death, his remains covered in needle wounds believed to be from his heavy consumption of painkillers to go along with the reported undissolved pills found in his stomach. He was believed to wear a wig, his head almost completely bald from his hair falling out in clumps and scars remained from an estimated dozen surgeries on various parts of his body. Fresh needle injection marks were around his heart from the attempt to revive him by paramedics, several of his ribs were broken from CPR attempts, along with wounds along his knees and back from an unknown nature- possibly a fall before his death states the report.

Meanwhile Katherine Jackson, mother to Michael has been granted temporally custody of the children and was seen with the visiting family members.

Also reported, there was no last will from Jackson, Joe Jackson, father announced on the BET awards as the family was added last minute to pay tribute to their late son. Joe Jackson claims he and Katherine have "personal and legal authority on behalf of their son's estate" although California law states the estate be divided equally among the children of the deceased.

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Also adding to the Michaelmania on the television, Fox chose to re-air the final thirteen covering Michael Jackson tunes episode of American Idol repackaging the show as a tribute to the fallen star.