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Horror Channel Kicks Off the New Year with Seven Premieres including WE ARE STILL HERE and MUCK this January

13 December 2016

There are seven fearful film premieres on Horror Channel in January 2017, including the UK TV premiere of Ted Geoghegan’s terrifyingly taut ghost story WE ARE STILL HERE, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton. There are also network premieres for Roman Polanski’s supernatural biblical puzzler THE NINTH GATE, starring Johnny Depp and Daniel Stamm’s possession nightmare THE LAST EXORCISM, produced by Eli Roth.

Horror Channel are also giving a UK TV premiere to Daniel Stamm’s intriguing remake of 13 BELOVED, 13 SINS, starring Ron Perlman. Other UK TV firsts include Quilez’s Colombia-shot supernatural suspenser OUT OF THE DARK; and Steve Wolsh’s monster mayhem thriller MUCK. Lluis David Brooks’ siege thriller ATM receives its Network premiere.




Fri 8 Jan @ 22:55 – MUCK (2015) * UK TV Premiere

After escaping from a possessed ancient burial ground underneath the Cape Cod marshes, Mia (Lauren Francesca) and her friends take shelter in an abandoned house. Unfortunately, the house has an evil spirit of its own. They are now trapped between malevolent entities, forcing them to stay and fight, or go back the way they came. Also stars Kane Hodder.




Sat 9 Jan @ 21:00 – THE NINTH GATE (1999) *Network Premiere

Corso (Johnny Depp), who finds rare books for wealthy collectors, is hired by Balkan (Frank Langella) to locate a book of satanic invocation, reportedly written by the Devil himself. The search takes Corso all over Europe and into various conflicts with other maniacal collectors (Lena Olin and Barbara Jefford), and a mysterious, nameless Girl (Emmanuelle Seigner). Corso learns that the book contains clues to a puzzle that will allow people to call up the devil, and certain people will stop at nothing to find the missing parts of the formula…




Friday 13 Jan @ 21:00 – 13 SINS (2014) *UK TV Premiere

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than with 13 SINS? Heavily in debt and with a pregnant fiancée, an autistic brother, and an ailing father to care for, down-on-his-luck salesman Elliot (Mark Webber) is thrown an unusual lifeline. A mysterious phone caller offers him cash for completing thirteen challenges, each more difficult than the one before. However, should he fail one, he loses everything. As the stakes rise, Elliot must decide whether the risk is worth the reward. Ron Perlman is the detective drawn into Elliot's increasingly destructive game…




Sat 14 Jan @ 22:50 – WE ARE STILL HERE (2015) *UK TV Premiere

The producers of THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and CHEAP THRILLS serve up a tense ghost story in the Italianate Lucio Fulci/Pupi Avati tradition. After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the New England countryside to start a new life. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their converted funeral parlour home. And so begins a terrifying fight back against the living hiding a terrible secret, and the malicious dead demanding a sacrifice that threatens to pull their cursed souls into hell.




Fri 20 Jan @ 21:00 – ATM (2012) *Network Premiere

One late night after an office party, co-workers David (Brian Geraghty), Emily (Alice Eve) and Corey (Josh Peck) make a late-night stop at an ATM. What should be a routine transaction turns into a desperate struggle for survival when an unknown man appears outside the vestibule. With the wintry temperatures dipping below freezing, and the morning sunrise still hours away, they have no choice but to play the man's deadly game of cat-and-mouse.




Sat 21 Jan @ 21:00 – OUT OF THE DARK (2014) *UK TV Premiere

Sarah Harriman (Julia Stiles) has moved her family – husband Paul (Scott Speedman) and sprightly daughter Hannah (Pixie Davies) – to a small Colombian town to work at the paper mill her father (Stephen Rea) owns. As they settle into their home, surrounded by a forbidding jungle landscape, Hannah begins to act strangely and suddenly disappears. As Sarah and Paul frantically search for her, they delve deeper into the town’s superstitions and discover a shocking secret about their family; a secret they must uncover in order to save their daughter.



Sat 29 Jan @ 21:00 – THE LAST EXORCISM (2012) *Network Premiere

Disillusioned by years of defrauding poor believers out of their hard-earned cash, evangelist preacher Cotton Marcus has decided to put the record straight by starring in a fly-on-the-wall documentary exposing the con tricks of his demon-busting trade. A letter from a poor southern farmer begging for help in driving evil off his land seems to give Cotton the perfect opportunity to expose the phoniness of his satanic ministry. But then he meets the farmer’s disturbed young daughter, Nell, and everything changes. Produced by Eli Roth.

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