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Countless Hollywood Movies Feature Casinos + Gambling: How Hollywood Has Influenced The Online Casino Industry

21 September 2022

There are countless Hollywood movies that either feature or centre around casinos and gambling. It's of little surprise that the online casino industry has been influenced by these cult depictions of their land-based counterparts. It seems fitting therefore that online casinos tend to be modelled after the luxurious casino portrayal featured in many popular motion pictures.

Hollywood itself is synonymous with glamour and many casinos featured in movies are the epitome of opulence. The aesthetic of these online casinos is a reflection of the Hollywood portrayal of land casinos. The regal reds, golds and navy blues which feature in many Hollywood portray of casinos are prevalent within the designs of online casinos. Thus, allowing consumers a taste of this luxury from the comfort of their own homes. The main difference is that the world of online casinos is much more accessible and inclusive than its Hollywood counterparts - click here to see the latest casino bonuses and offers available to all customers such as cash bonuses and potential jackpots of up to £125,000 per week, alongside free chips for the Hollywood inspired live casino games.


"Hollywood Sign" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gnaphron

Superficial design choices are not the only aesthetic similarity online casinos have to Hollywood movies. The actual online casino experience is cinematic in itself. Described by Forbes magazine as 'a highly innovative industry that never sleeps', it is of little wonder that the online casino industry has invested in high-quality graphics for their games which wouldn't go amiss in a Hollywood blockbuster. These life-like graphics allow the player to fully immerse themselves into the game. Such revolutionary graphics allow online casinos to accurately emulate the opulent setting of casinos featured in Hollywood movies. 


"Neon Dreams" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by The SL Hotel Inspector

Whilst visuals may be the most obvious influence Hollywood has had on the casino industry, it isn't the only one. Similar to most blockbusters, online casinos feature sounds and soundtracks to create an enticing atmosphere for players. In the same sense that Hollywood uses soundtracks to create ambience, or set a tone, online casinos too use music in order to create a totally immersive experience for their players. Gaming soundtracks are growing in popularity and have even achieved the prestigious honour of being added to the library of culturally significant music played at the BBC Proms - click this link to read more about this story. Gaming soundtracks and audio are of the same importance as those in Hollywood movies, as both serve the same purpose and have a similar impact on their audience. 

Whilst Hollywood and online casinos are not synonymous, Hollywood's portrayal of casinos has had a profound influence on the development of the online casino industry. Not only do online casinos emulate the opulent casinos featured in many Hollywood blockbusters, but the actual mechanisms behind the gameplay are also similar to the cinematic effects you would find in a movie. Both use highly advanced graphics in order to totally immerse their audience whilst simultaneously adopting soundtracks and audio in order to create atmosphere and set the tone. Whilst the glittery lights of Hollywood may seem worlds away from the online casino community, the two share many similarities.

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