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DON’T DO IT CHEAP: Joel Donnelly From EssayKitchen Shares His Top Tips Of How To Choose An Academic Essay Writer

20 February 2020

Whether you are an essay writer or a student, you will always want to write high quality and to the point essays or academic papers. In case you are an inexperienced person, it won’t be easy for you to come up with satisfactory results until or unless you have not kept in mind a couple of things.

Ask Your Mates For A Reliable Writer
For college and university students, it is easy to write custom essay papers, but for high school students and freshmen, this could be a little difficult. If you want to avoid any confusion or problem, you must ask your mates for a reliable writer. Go straight to one of your friends or class fellows who have been getting good results. Ask the secret to their success, as they might be using a good writer, and you can go with the same. If they hesitate to tell the name, you can find a good writer from social media or online forums.

Don’t Go Cheap
In order to ensure your success, you should not try going with cheap writing services. Instead, you have to choose a custom essay writing company that has so many professional writers and editors to work with. If you think that the services of a good writer can be gotten by paying a little, you are making a big mistake. You should stop thinking about cheap or low prices because this will never guarantee reliable results. You must be ready to pay a good amount to the writer who promises to get you a good grade. Native writers especially don’t work for cheap or low prices.

Check That The Writers Are Specialists
To get the best essay writing services, you must check whether or not the writer you are going to hire is a specialist. For example, if you are a medical student, you might not like to go with a writer who has a degree in business administration or engineering. Also, you should not take the risk of getting your work done by an inexperienced person or the one who is rarely available through messages. The writer who can write a paper must have a postgraduate or doctorate degree in your field and should be experienced enough to handle all types of papers and assignments.



Get a Plagiarism Report
If you Google the term ‘perfectessay’ you will get to know that top companies do provide plagiarism reports upon request. You may or may not request a report depending on your own requirements. We suggest you get a plagiarism report so that you can have an idea of whether or not plagiarism or copied content is present in your paper.

Ensure They Can Write Any Style of Essay
Top and professional custom paper writing services are able to cover all types of topics and can write papers in any style. The most famous and widely used styles are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Professional writers are able to write in all these styles and references and citations are provided accordingly. You never know which style your teacher will want you to write in, so the company you choose must have the writers who can write in any style and format. In addition, they should be capable enough to meet the deadline and to provide the highest quality paper while following the given guidelines or grading rubrics.

Ensure They Offer 24/7 Customer Service
Whether you go with a pre written essay writing service or opt for a custom service, you should ensure that their support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Top companies do have many support agents to speak to through chat, telephone, and email. If the company you have chosen does not provide this facility or service, then it can never be an ideal option for you. As a customer, it is your right to have access to the company where you can speak to an agent anytime and can get regular updates from the writer.

What Are Their Guarantees?
Joel Donnelly, a senior learning specialist at Essay Kitchen says that guarantees and refunds must be provided in every company. You can also find a company that offers both quality and affordability. Make sure you have spoken to their support regarding the refund and privacy policies. It is your right since your personal details should never be shared with anyone. Also, they must be able to provide you with a full refund if the instructions are not followed or if the deadline is missed due to any reason.

With these things in mind, it will be easy for you to get a reliable and proficient custom essay writing service. There are many companies out there, and you should never go with anyone without comparing their prices, terms and conditions and other things. We suggest you make things clear with the company’s support so that confusion is avoided and unnecessary revisions do not need to be requested.

Written by Joel Donnelly



Author BIO:
Joel Donnelly is a senior learning specialist at EssayKitchen. He develops a strategy for creating and realizing learning initiatives for domestic and foreign students. He searches for highly educated professionals in our content department for the position of junior learning specialist. Joel was born in Brookhaven town and still works there. He enjoys traveling around the world and came back from Portugal recently. Joel has 2 lovely dogs and goes to the mountains with dogs every month. Joel cares about the environment and tries to take care of his town. More about Joel's achievements you can find at social accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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