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Nothing Instills Fear Like Being Asked To Compose An Article, A Blog Or An Essay: 8 Tips on How to Improve your Writing Skills

29 October 2019

Nothing instills fear like being asked to compose an article, a blog, or an essay. You may want to become the next best author, blogger, or freelance writer.

For a large number of people, however, writing can be intimidating if you do not write on a regular basis. You may have read numerous books and articles in a bid to improve your skills but still, no improvement. Do not worry as there is hope. With a little effort, discipline, and willingness to learn, you can improve writing skills online by observing the following eight tips.

• Write everyday

One of the best writing tips that you should live by, reports Christopher Mansfield a content writer at PerfectEssay, is to write every day. To become an excellent writer you need to practice. Begin by setting some time aside each day and use it to note down anything. Start with something as simple as updating your social media platforms with posts that are three to five sentences. By doing so, you learn how to prepare content that communicates what you want with minimal words.

Another way of practicing is coming up with two-hundred-word articles. The topic does not matter and can range from baby’s health, exercise or healthy eating. All you need is to keep producing drafts that keep you writing and as a result, you gain more experience.



• Create an outline

Even for an experienced writer, staring at a blank page with nothing to note down can be stressful. That is why you should take the vital writing step of coming up with an outline. An outline is a roadmap of what you want to write, and it will be crucial in ensuring you include all the vital information.

An outline does not need to be complicated. All it needs to contain are the main ideas you will discuss with a sentence or two explaining them. For instance, you can have an introduction, which gives a background of your topic and highlights the primary objective. Next, is the body of the article consisting of three points, with explanations and examples. To conclude is a conclusion that summarizes the discussion in the text.

• Read on what your writing will be about

Reading is another tip for writing skills practice. The best writers also have the habit of reading. Reading materials similar to what you write about helps to develop your skills by helping you understand more about it. For instance, when you read articles or blogs written by individuals producing the same type of content as you, you get an alternative view of how your text can be.

As you read more, you develop an eye for how proper writing looks. For example, you understand the art of using words to captivate readers, how to make composing valuable and how to structure sentences. Also, you get to identify the mistakes you need to avoid.

• Write for essay writing services

Becoming a writer for essay services is another way of improving your skills. These services exist to provide students with high-quality academic content such as essays, research papers, thesis, and course work. Working with them is ideal for improving your skills. You get the opportunity to work on a wide range of essays, thereby expanding your knowledge in writing.

These services employ quality personnel who go through your work and identify any mistakes for correction. In this way, you get to learn what is acceptable and what is not, helping you polish your write-up. What is more is that you get to earn extra income. Writing services charge students for their assignments. When you write my essay, you receive a stipend, as well as bonuses.

• Use active instead of passive

Using active voice instead of passive voice is another excellent way of improving your writing skills. Using passive voice is not always bad in scientific papers. However, according to WikiHow, when you are inscribing articles, blogs, and essays among others, you should avoid it. The primary rule of English is that the subject should follow a verb then an object. For example, “The dog ate my homework.” However, when you use passive voice, the object comes first, leading to confusion. For example, “The homework was eaten by the dog.”

Another reason to avoid passive voice is it makes your article wordier than it should be. An excellent composition is one that goes straight to the point. But, with passive voice, you utilize too many words, making it lose meaning. To improve grammar, stay away from passive voice.

• Avoid clichés

Clichés refer to phrases, ideas or expression that has been in use over time, making it lose its meaning or originality. Their overuse makes them pointless to the extent that they become irritating. If you are writing to earn, I am sure you are not looking to irritate and annoy your readers.

So, whatever piece you are drafting, avoid using phrases that communicate nothing. You should also avoid them as they make your work appear ordinary. Using common phrases used by everyone reduced the weight and effect of your article to the reader. Thus, they consider it as general instead of unique.

• You can help people write their resumes and practice

If you want your skills to improve, become a resume writer. With more job seekers facing difficulties in creating their resumes, they are willing to pay for professional resumes. Hence, resume writing becomes a thriving career. It employs individuals with the skills needed to compose them and a willingness to learn how to produce the best resumes.

When you become a freelance resume writer, you get to take all the information provided by a job seeker and translate it into a document that will stand out to employers. To be able to produce the best resumes, you will have to write often. The practice will perfect the resumes you create while also improving your skills.

• Use metaphors and similes with caution

Using metaphors and similes can make what you compose exciting and full of vitality, while a bad one can make it weak. Also, mixing up similes with metaphors may seem like a good idea; nonetheless, they make you look unsure of the insights you are relaying through your text.

However much they spice up your article, be cautious of them spoiling the entire piece by utilizing simple writing. Use a few similes or metaphors at a go and avoid at all cost mixing them. Also, avoid using them if a reader can reduce them to clichés as they end up being meaningless.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that advice you get on the internet, but nothing seems to change? Well, improving your skills as a writer is not as difficult as you may think. Practice by writing a lot and observing the above strategies. With time, you will realize your dream of improving the skill.



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