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Selfies Became A Massive Trend After Ellen Degeneres Took One In The 2014 Oscars Learn How To Use Selfies To Market Products

13 July 2020

Selfies became a massive trend after Ellen DeGeneres took one in the 2014 Oscars with celebrities, like Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and Bradly Cooper. Little do people know that selfies are being employed as a smart marketing strategy by many companies all over the world.

That being said, here’s how you can use selfies for marketing your products:

Create a Contest
Sweepstakes and contests are common promotional tools often employed by marketing strategists to promote their brand. It’s used to attract customers to their company, product, or services. One great idea of a contest can be of a selfie, where the participant is in a scene holding your product or is showcasing your services.

A selfie contest is a visual campaign that’ll ask the followers to actively share their content on social media, where many will be encouraged to follow. The competition can then be rewarded with a care package of your product and announce them as winners on the social media of your brands for a greater following.

A selfie contest will also bring your followers’ creative side while promoting your company. If you’re wondering “how to take a selfie,” click here for some expert tips.

For a successful selfie contest, your company must announce it on your social media with a hashtag to be used by your followers. Since the hashtag will be added to the caption of their pictures, it should be short and savvy. Learn more about the importance of having a catchy selfie caption here.

A hashtag will help you recognize your followers competing in the contest on social media. To make the contest successful, here are some tips that’ll help you set a competition:

  • Make the hashtag brief and unique.
  • Relate it to your band and make it on a topic
  • Make it sentimental
  • Tie these hashtags for a promo event
  • Add humor
  • Keep the efforts consistent



Starting a Charity or Awareness Campaign
Marketing strategists often employ the use of a charity campaign to promote its brand. By using the power of social media, such charity campaigns are impactful, innovative, and uplifting. It’ll connect those who are supporting the cause while promoting the brand of your organization.

For example, the ice-bucket challenge was a fun and unique experience for the world to know about the ALS disease. Similarly adding innovation to a purposeful cause will get the attention of your brand if you become the first one to raise your voice.

For example, if your brand sells kitchen utensils, starting a selfie campaign to cook food for the less fortunate through a selfie or a meaningful picture will promote your brand. Raising your voice for such a cause will help your followers appreciate the cause and your brand for raising awareness or starting this campaign.

However, the motivation behind the campaign varies. It can be political, commercial, or just for fun. Paired with your brand’s purpose and vision marketing strategy through selfies, it can drive sales and promote a positive image for your brand.

Create A Selfie App
For a personalized and customized experience, creating an app that ties your followers to your brand can help your marketing strategy. But, if creating an app seems like a long haul, you can collaborate with existing apps to create a unique filter that showcases your brand or logo.

A selfie filter will surely get your attention for your brand. For example, if you have a makeup brand, then adding beauty filters and some of your makeup products on your app will encourage your followers to try these makeup products in real life.

Creating a Promo
One way to promote your brand through selfies is to exchange them for a discount. Since everyone loves a quick discount, there are many email signups for coupons.

Hence, a small discount can go a long way. It has always been used by marketing strategists to boost sales and motivate people to try out their products that are not on sale. For example, if you have a makeup brand, you can ask your followers to use your products and, in exchange, give them discounts.

This will help promote your brand on social media and lure people in to try other products from your brand. This could be lucrative, especially if you’ve just launched new products.



Bottom Line
The bottom line is selfies are self-promoting, free of cost, yet a smart marketing strategy that can be executed with one hashtag and one picture. The right selfie campaign will create a good image for your brand whilst promoting your product, service, and organization.

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