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Hugh Jackman and Titan take over Leicester Square for the Real Steel Premiere

14 September 2011

London's Leicester Square was taken over by the star studded premiere for robot boxing film Real Steel starring X-Men legend Hugh Jackman and Lost beauty Evangeline Lilly.

Among the star studded turn out that saw producers Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Jack Rapke as well as boxing royalty Amir Khan and Chris Eubank tread the blue carpet with Hugh Jackman himself as well as special robot guest Titan.

The Fan Carpet were lucky enough to attend and got the chance to pitch a few questions to Jackman and director Shawn Levy.

Jackman was in awe about how many fans came out to premiere saying "this looks kinda big to me, I'm really, really happy and thank you all for coming out."

When asked about his character of Charlie, Jackman said "When you first meet Charlie he's kind of desperate and trying to find a way out, and he works in the world of robot boxing where he owns and manages and he's not doing a great job of it. He's also a pretty bad father, so he's got some mountains to climb in the movie."

When asked what attracted him to Real Steel, Jackman added "I love sport movies, I loved Rocky, Chariots of Fire, The Champ growing up and this is one of those movies. It is a robot movie with big effects but it's a human movie with a lot of heart."

When asked about why he did Real Steel after Night at the Museum, director Shawn Levy said "I really wanted to do a different kind of movie, I had a lot of good fortune in comedy and Spielberg called and said he wanted me to do this robot boxing movie, and I knew this was the kind of opportunity that doesn't come round everyday."

Real Steel hits UK screens on October 14 and stars rising star Dakota Goyo and Kevin Durand, Hope Davis and James Rebhorn.

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