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Hugh Jackman says The Wolverine explores Logan’s desire to isolate himself

26 July 2013

James Mangold's The Wolverine has opened to largely mixed reviews and Hugh Jackman, who portrays the eternal warrior for the sixth time has described his character as "the ultimate outsider".

Explaining to Flicks and Bits, Jackman said that The Wolverine explores Logan's desire to isolate himself from the world more than any previous film in the X-Men franchise "Wolverine is the ultimate outsider. Everything about him is distrustful of groups, of organizations, he marches to the beat of his own drum, and at the beginning of The Wolverine he's probably more isolated than you've ever seen Wolverine.

The great battle with Wolverine is the battle within himself, and his real strength and power is from this bed of rage that really turns him into an animal - like a monster. It's difficult for him to control and it's almost impossible for anybody else to control, or combat.

It's that wonderful thing about X-Men where everybody's power is also their flaw. That's amazing to explore as an actor."

Speaking about what drew him to The Wolverine, Jackman further explained "Wolverine sees himself as a threat to himself and everybody. So definitely he's a R?nin, he's lost purpose and he has no master. Many of the people who made Logan feel part of a cause are now gone.

So he's essentially a lost man, capable of doing anything, with no mandate. That's an iconography that American Westerns and Samurai films share, and now we're bringing a comic book character into it."

The Wolverine is out now in cinemas and Jackman recently revealed that he has no desire to hang up the claws anytime soon. He returns to the role in Bryan Singer's ensemble X-Men: Days of Future Past which hits cinemas on July 18 next year.

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