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I am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer speaks of his delight at playing a Superhero

31 January 2011

With the impending release of Disney's new sci-fi blockbuster I am Number Four, The Fan Carpet caught up with leading stars Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer and director D.J. Caruso, at the film's official press conference.

For Pettyfer, the role of ‘Number Four', is a dream come true. The 20-year-old actor, born and raised in Hertfordshire, England, is soon becoming one of Hollywood hottest prospects, and Pettyfer believes that he has a promising future ahead of him in American cinema, although admits he hasn't turned his back on British film.

"I love English films, and I love our British independence. I would definitely come back to England to do a movie - but I really enjoyed this one. It was a bigger budget film for me. I just hope people go and see this movie and really enjoy it and help us get to make a second, third and fourth so we can see where these characters can go."

Pettyfer also admits that playing as a superhero was something he has always dreamt of doing, reliving his childhood fantasies.

"There's an element of kid in everyone where we play out in the back garden, and pretend to be Batman, Superman and Spiderman, so why not do it for three months and pretend for real. I think everyone wants to feel superhuman in one way or another, so why not do it."

Meanwhile, director D.J. Caruso spoke of his delight with the feature, and where he sees the ‘I am Number Four' franchise heading - as the director of Disturbia hopes for the feature to eventually become a series.

"If people enjoy the film and it's a success, I'd love to do it again, because if you see the movie I think you can tell how much fun we had making it."

Australian actress Teresa Palmer, who played the fiery ‘Number Six', admits that she thrived upon the action role she had to play.

"It was pretty intense. I had to do weeks and weeks of training with the stunt team and I didn't want to do the disservice to Number Six by not knowing how to fight so that meant I really had to get in there and get my hand s dirty," she continued.

"I was proud of my battle scars though - I had black and blue legs and I would take pictures of them and I'd wear short shorts when I come to work and show them off."

It was clear that all three stars were very proud of the feature and was evident in their hope that I am Number Four has much more life left in it. The film will be hitting our screens on the 25th of February, a week later than its original scheduled release.

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