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Iconic Dance Scene in Pulp Fiction Featuring John Travolta and Uma Thurman is Named The Nation’s Favourite Dance Scene

11 January 2018

The dance scene between Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction is the most iconic dance scene in a film with Dirty Dancing, Grease & Napoleon Dynamite following respectively as voted for by the British public in a recent survey by Dancewear Central.

We’ve all at some point imagined ourselves doing that iconic lift in Dirty Dancing, dancing along to Grease Lightening or even sung ‘What A Feeling’ at the top of voice, but which one is at the top of the list?

A recent survey by Dancewear Central revealed that Pulp Fiction is the nation’s favourite dance scene with the following making up the rest of the top 10:



2. Dirty Dancing - Time Of My Life
3. Grease - Greased Lightening
4. Napoleon Dynamite - Canned Heat
5. Saturday Night Fever - You Should Be Dancing
6. Flashdance - What A Feeling
7 West Side Story - America
8. Billy Elliot - Gymnasium Dance
9. Chicago - All That Jazz
10. Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp

Every now and again, I’m sure most of us have been adamant that we can absolutely nail the, quite frankly iconic, Dirty Dancing lift. This year why not avoid the bruised ribs and sprained ankles in favour of the cool moves from Pulp Fiction, it is after all, the nation’s favourite dance scene.

Faye Nash, Marketing Manager at Dancewear Central says "We all have our favourite cinematic moments. Most of those for us at Dancewear Central are the big dance scenes dominating the silver screen. After a discussion in the office about which was the most iconic, we decided to extend the conversation out of the office and ran this survey as many people are massively inspired by these iconic film dance routines we’ve all come to love and cherish over the years."

About Dancewear Central
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