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Iconic TV Presenter + Film Buff Keith Lemon Signs Up To Become Showcase Brand Ambassador Following the 30th Anniversary Campaign

17 September 2019

Showcase Cinemas have announced the signing of Keith Lemon as its official brand ambassador

The partnership comes on the back of the success of Showcase Cinemas’ 30th anniversary campaign last year which saw Keith, a huge film buff and a genuine fan of the Showcase brand, execute a social campaign across both his and Showcase’s channels.

Now, as the official Showcase brand ambassador, the partnership will see the TV funny man make the leap from TV screen to silver screen in a series of productions which will live both above and below the line.

The brand ambassadorship kicks off with Keith starring in an in-cinema advertisement which premiered on Friday August 30th at all Showcase Cinemas across the UK, promoting the Insider loyalty scheme.

The advert sees Keith appear on screen as two of his favourite action heroes – Rocky Balboa and John Rambo – with ensuing hilarity guaranteed.

The creative concept behind the advert was the brainchild of Navel Gazing - the writing team behind many of Keith’s shows – and was directed by Dan Thompson.

Next, Keith will set his sights firmly on the contentious battleground that is cinema etiquette with the release of Keith’s Don’t Be a Lemon cinema etiquette guide. In his own inimitable style, Keith runs his uproarious rule over what we should and shouldn’t be doing when we visit the cinema. Expect fireworks…and lots of crunching popcorn.

Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas said “We are delighted to have Keith on board as our official brand ambassador.

Keith really resonates with our customers, demonstrated by the success of our 30th birthday campaign last year, so it made absolute sense to get him on board for a bigger partnership.

We already knew Keith was a real fan of the Showcase brand and a genuine film buff, both of which were really important to us because Showcase is all about authenticity and that real cinema experience. We love film and we absolutely want our brand ambassador to love it too.”

Of the partnership, Keith Lemon said “I fink people know that I have a love for film. Nowt I love more than watching a film at Showcase. I use to go there as a kid back when I lived in Leeds. I went there recently and I can honestly say it’s my favourite cinema and I’m really chuffed to be working with them. And that’s not cos I want free tickets to see films.”



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