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IF THE STORM DOESN’T GET YOU… THEY WILL: Take CRAWL Home on Blu-ray, DVD + Digital NOW – Sam Raimi Filmography Highlights

20 December 2019

Innovative director Sam Raimi has been a Hollywood staple since the 1970s. A raw talent with a deep knowledge of different filmmaking styles, Raimi’s back catalogue contains innumerable impressive works, with many of them garnering numerous awards, critical acclaim and massively dedicated fan bases.

To celebrate the home entertainment release of Raimi’s latest feature Crawl available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download Now, join us for a quick look at some of his unmissable films....



The Evil Dead (1981)
A cult classic in the supernatural horror subgenre, The Evil Dead spawned a plethora of videogames, comic books and its own TV series, as well as two film sequels. Telling the story of a friendship group who become demonically possessed after listening to a cursed audiotape, the remote forest setting has undoubtedly influenced more recent self-aware horror features like The Cabin in the Woods (2012), which combine gross-out scares with intelligent plot twists. As for protagonist Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), voted the greatest horror film character ever by Empire readers in 2013, his fight against the evil Deadites rages on. If Raimi’s franchise has taught us anything, it’s that the dead remain living.




A Simple Plan (1998)
Raimi takes a neo-noir approach in this thriller centred on four friends who find the tidy sum of $4.4 million in a plane crash, only to begin doubting one another’s ability to keep it a secret. The usual concoction of lies and murder ensue, but it’s the skill with which writer Scott B. Smith weaves his web of deceit that stands out; Raimi’s assured direction only serves to enhance the grey, sombre aesthetic that complements the moral bleakness showcased throughout. Billy Bob Thornton was nominated for his third Oscar as the scheming Jacob Mitchell, and there are equally memorable performances from a star-studded cast whose abilities Raimi was keen to highlight; in an interview, he talks of wanting the camerawork to be ‘invisible’ and to ‘just allow the actors to tell this very thrilling story’. Mission accomplished.



Spider-Man (2002)
Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe went into production overdrive, our beloved web-slinger was also given the Raimi treatment in this excellent reboot starring Tobey Maguire. Willem Dafoe is cast perfectly as Spidey’s ultimate nemesis, the imperious Green Goblin, whilst James Franco and Kirsten Dunst play wonderful supporting roles as best friend Harry Osborne and love interest Mary Jane Watson. Maguire himself oozes likeability as the geeky Peter Parker, getting to grips with his newfound powers and ultimately learning the hard way that they indeed come with great responsibility. The aerial chases through New York are a particular highlight, complete with CGI convincing enough for Raimi to dub these meticulously planned sequences ‘ballet in the sky’. Simply superb superhero fun.



Drag Me to Hell (2009)
Another masterclass in campy, comedic horror, Drag Me to Hell focuses on a loan officer, Christine (Alison Lohman), who faces dire consequences after refusing to grant a mortgage extension to an elderly woman. In retaliation, the lady curses Christine, triggering three days of escalating torture that will supposedly culminate in an infernal descent. Peppered with supernatural elements, as well as zany props, prosthetics and special effects, Raimi’s meta-narrative is inventive and unpredictable, meaning we are never sure whether we should be horrified after a classic jump scare or laughing nervously in anticipation of what may come next. Only the best films leave us nursing all the feels, and this one certainly hits differently with every viewing. Timeless terror.



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