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In a Sit-com far, far away…

06 April 2010

In what sounds to be George Lucas' latest attempt to milk Star Wars for everything it has, the head Jedi has announced plans to create an animated comedy series that "will look at the saga's characters with a playful and irreverent tone"

Why oh why? Not content with having arguably the greatest trilogy of all time in the original Star Wars Trilogy, and following those up with the arguably bad prequels (Revenge Of The Sith was our favourite of the prequels), and the animated adventures Clone Wars that apparently bridge the gap between Episodes II and III.

In relation to the new Star Wars sitcom, creative consultants Seth Green and Matt Senreich explained their reasoning. "We're trying to get ahead of it and say what it's not." Despite what some may think of a Star Wars comedy, Seth Green added, "Let us assure you this isn't going to suck as much as you think it is."

No word on which network will air the new comedy, but Lucasfilm shot down speculation that there would be crossover between the Star Wars sitcom and the hit Cartoon Network series Clone Wars.

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