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In Tandem Theatre’s Award Winning A GREAT FEAR OF SHALLOW LIVING Directed by Bella Loudon Debuts at Theatre at Draper Hall this June

20 June 2018

Winner of the Infallibles Awards 2017 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Theatre at Draper Hall - Elephant & Castle SE17 3AN
21-22-23 and 28-29-30 June, 7 for 7.30pm
Tickets Available NOW for £10/8
With Anna Proctor, Isobel Hughes
Created by Bettine Mackenzie, Isobel Hughes and Bella Loudon
Directed by Bella Loudon

The story of the Selkie is a well-known folk tale in Scotland, Ireland and some of the Scandinavian countries. The selkie is a seal who can shed its hide to reveal a beautiful woman beneath. Most stories of the Selkie include her falling in love with a human who steals her hide when he learns the truth so that she can never return to the sea and must remain bound to him. Cut off from her one true love, she grows desperate until she either finds the hide or kills herself. A fantastically well-done piece. (Broadway Baby)

'There is an island, far away, where the sea and the land are at war with one another. They have been for thirty years, ever since the sea lost her child to the hand of the land. To the human world. But, now. Here she stands, skin in hand, on the shoreline battle-line. She is right on time.'



In Tandem Theatre Company, through live music and spellbinding physicality, reclaims the Celtic myth of the Selkie. A Great Fear Of Shallow Living spins a womanly story about being torn, about needing to be two things, but having to be one.

In Tandem Theatre Company is dedicated to storytelling. We work to engage a wide and varied audience with performances that debate, embrace and reject ideas and most importantly tell stories that need to be told. In addition to dialogue we use live folk music and the modern chorus to bring a spellbinding physical life to myth.  Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and we aim to get as many people involved in our projects as possible weather this is in the form of conversation, workshop, or performance, we believe that the insight of others and a subjective outside eye are two of the most important tools for artists who aim to create work of clarity and clout. Our insight and skill, lie in Theatre, its what we do, we work in an open rehearsal space with designers, composers, visual artists, non-artists, writers, friends, non-friends and anyone else who has a considered opinion or special understanding they feel compelled to share. The more we truly collaborate the greater depth and perspective our stories will have.



Doors and bar open at 19.00, play starts at 19.30 sharp - A Draper Together Initiative

Theatre @ Draper Hall is curated by Stefania Bochicchio

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