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Introducing The Conrad Show from

06 January 2011

Move over Fred, imagine what would happen if A level students were given free reign to create their very own television show?

Let loose with cameras and given the contacts to do as they wish. The Conrad Show is the result.

Conrad Hughes presents an all new comedy show featuring his special take on "Jim'll Fix It", a hilarious sketch sequence and a nail biting live audience game.


If you've got a spare few minutes at work - please watch the latest show!

The Conrad Show is a Raw TV production, a college television network based in Loughborough in the East Midlands. The post-16 students create, edit and control the show themselves. It is the first major live audience television show created in a UK college, showing off their media skills - and their business acumen to gain access to events, interviews with celebrities and prize donations.

The programme has allowed fellow students to witness a studio television filming, get the chance to have their wish come true as well as take part in various activities in the show.

The Conrad Show is a first of its kind and is set to get bigger every episode with more viewers watching every day online and attempts to book a major band for the final episode of the series which will be filmed in May.

The programme is released every 2 months, and is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Raw TV's official website,