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Introducing The IndieGOGO Campaign For Amber Rothman and Jonestown Films’ Tory Jones’ New Slasher THE BOY FROM BELOW

04 June 2023

A Wicked Slasher Movie Reborn from Jamestown Films

The Fan Carpet are excited to support the indieGOGO campaign for Amber Rothman and Tory Jones latest film The BOY from BELOW, the new slasher film featuring Colin Miller!

In 2014, the creators set out to create a New Slasher Character reminiscent of the Horror Heavyweights of films past. This would lead to the creation of Colin Miller, a corrupted teen who transforms into a hulking psychopath in a scarecrow mask. It would take two years, but finally The Wicked One premiered at Fright Night Film Festival 2016 to a sold out crowd of nearly 600 people. The film took home six awards that evening and a few months later, went on to screen at HorrorHound Weekend to another large crowd, before being released domestically by Petri Entertainment in 2017. The film sold out its first pressing on day one at all major retailers and to this day is still the most financially successful film they’ve ever released.

Since its release, the film has went on to win several more awards, introduced a second instalment Wicked Ones, amassed cosplayers in different countries, appear on the top Horror Websites and Publications and surpass all expectations they could have dreamed up for a tiny little indie flick made for no money.

They’ve spent the last 9 years taking this character from conventions to film festivals and everywhere in between building this brand, all in the hopes of getting to this Moment...



The BOY from BELOW is the Colin Miller/Wicked One Movie Fans Deserve and Jamestown Films have always wanted to make. With A REAL Budget, Talented Cast and Crew, they hope to deliver a film and Character Horror Fans will respond to and love for years to come.

In an era starved for original Horror Characters crossing over into Main Stream Pop Culture, Jamestown Films are prepared to take their biggest swing for the fences in hopes of bringing to life an original Antagonist and Franchise.

Not to mention, this film includes elements that were so informative in establishing the love and passion for the Genre and Filmmaking like The VIDEO STOREHalloween Season, and more! This is a Fresh Start, A Reimagining, A New Direction!



Synopsis: While walking home from a party on Halloween Night, Young Colin Miller encounters and is overtaken by a Dark Entity that sends him on a murderous rampage through the Lakeside town of Carpenter Falls. After his atrocious crimes were carried out, he vanished. Ten Years later, the lone survivor of his original killing spree struggles to pick up the pieces of her fractured psyche and life while working at the local Vortex Video store. When Halloween Descends upon Carpenter Falls, and a large scale Halloween event is planned, The psycho in a Scarecrow mask returns to continue his Carnage and Finish his Story.



The Campaign Features LIMITED EDITION PERKS including Physical Media, Digital Downloads, Bundles, T-Shirts, Multiple Posters, Memorabilia, Stickers, Plushies, Screen Used Props, Producer Credits, Acting Opportunities, On Set Internships, Original Artwork, Legacy Items and so many other Unique Ways you can be Involved with the Film!

New Perks will be unveiled every Friday for the Duration of the Campaign! There's so many awesome things in store!

Thank you so much for Checking out the Campaign for "The BOY from BELOW" Please Help us Realize our Dream by Contributing and securing a Perk of some sort! If you are not interested in physical perks, you can make a custom donation of any size and amount. If you cannot donate, please share our campaign on social media! Sharing our Campaign to Horror Fans you feel may want to be involved with this Epic Reinvention of Character with so much Untapped Potential would help tremendously!



For the Better Part of 14 Years my Company, Jonestown Films has been Producing and Delivering Low Budget Indie Horror Content, all of which has been acquired for Distribution and Released. I started my Indie film career in 2009 with a small fan film tribute to Halloween, and two years later produced and directed my first original film "Killbillies" However my professional career didn't find it's footing until the creation of the character we are here discussing on this campaign "The Wicked One." This character is the foundation of my indie film career. One of the Most Exciting Elements about my company is each film's budget has doubled in size and scale since its inception. 



The Jamestown Films Film Library is available on most streaming platforms or physical media can be ordered at some major retailers online.

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