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20 November 2014

More than 200 arts organisations and commercial creative companies representing the UK’s cultural sector come together next Monday to launch the CREATIVE INDUSTRIES FEDERATION.

This is the first fully independent body bringing together the public and private sector, across all parts of the country, from the largest multinational to the smallest start-up, from television to computer games, from music to design, from architecture to visual arts. This is a radical and practical project to challenge the status quo and Britain’s global performance, to increase access and diversity and - for the first time - provide a single and independent voice for Britain's fastest-growing sector.

The Federation is the brainchild of Sir John Sorrell, Chair of the University of the Arts. Its other original founders include Sir Nicholas Serota, director of Tate, Caroline Rush of the British Fashion Council, Tim Davie of the BBC, Darren Henley of Classic FM, and Amanda Nevill of the British Film Institute. Its Director is John Kampfner. The original pioneers of the organisation began the work of gathering Founder Supporters. They anticipated 100 by the end of the year; they decided to close the scheme at the end of October after receiving more than 220 financial endorsements from companies, arts organisations and others. The Founder Supporters represent a diverse range. They include global groups such as Warner Bros, Penguin Random House and Burberry; national champion arts organisations such as Tate, the British Library, Design Museum and English National Ballet, and a strong geographic mix from Aardman in Bristol to Sage Gateshead, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Beyond Borders Scotland. Academia, skills and learning have a strong presence, from the Royal College of Music to Liverpool John Moores University, from the National Film and Television School to Nesta.

John Sorrell said: “It is time for the UK's Creative Industries to have a strong, independent membership body with a powerful voice.  For too long they have found themselves under-represented in spite of their huge contribution.  The Creative Industries Federation aims to put that right."

John Kampfner said: "Britain's public arts and creative companies have far more in common than they realise. Both share a need to ensure vibrant communities and successful cultural education. We will encourage them to join forces in these endeavours."

From early December, registration will begin for membership. This will be open to all who work in any of the cultural sectors – from music, to visual arts, museums and galleries, theatre, fashion, design, architecture, advertising, crafts, broadcasting, photography, publishing, computer games and other digital creative activity. Separate membership will be open for not-for-profit arts organisations, for-profit commercial companies, associate members, academia, trade associations and for individuals.

The Federation’s work will centre on advocacy through a powerful and wide-ranging advisory council and through policy groups. It will work with universities, business schools and others to produce a definitive annual report on the impact of public arts and creative industries at home and abroad. The Federation will convene events, conferences and meetings the length and breadth of the UK. In each of the nations and regions it will co-partner with organisations from the public arts, commercial creative companies and universities. The aim is better to represent cultural talent outside the talent and to find synergies that will help improve performance
 In its first year, the Federation will:

• Launch a digital research portal
• Hold a pre-election policy event
• Begin a series of UK-wide roadshows
• Run seminars around the country for students and individual artists
• Publish an annual report
• Develop a digital platform for members
• Open an online research library
• Hold an annual event to chart progress

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17 June 2014


HBO Home Entertainment UK announces today the cultural phenomenon GAME OF THRONES: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON is now available to own and watch instantly via Amazon Instant Video, blinkbox, Google Play™, & Xbox Video from 17th June.

Television’s most popular and critically acclaimed epic saga continues to enthrall audiences with more action-packed scenes, political intrigue & blood-soaked drama.

Fans of the Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning show will be able to buy the latest installment months ahead of its DVD and Blu-ray release, either as individual episodes or an entire season.

HBO's epic series based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling books returns for a new season of duplicity and treachery, nobility and honour, conquest and triumph. As Season 4 begins, the Lannisters' hold on the Iron Throne remains intact in the wake of the Red Wedding slaughter that wiped out many of their Stark nemeses. But can they survive their own egos as well as new and ongoing threats?

Meanwhile, an unbowed Stannis Baratheon continues to rebuild his army; the Lannister-loathing ‘Red Viper of Dorne,’ Oberyn Martell, arrives at King's Landing for Joffrey's wedding to Margaery Tyrell; Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons and unsullied force aim to liberate the largest Slavery City in the east...with long-range plans to take back the Iron Throne; and a depleted Night's Watch faces the advance of Mance Rayder's wildling army, who are in turn running from the undead White Walkers.

Colin Smith, Director of International Digital Distribution for HBO said “We are thrilled to offer Game of Thrones Season 4 via a wide range of digital platforms for those in the UK who haven’t had the opportunity to see it."

All retailers who are releasing GAME OF THRONES: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON can be found on HBO.

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03 September 2013

Sony Pictures Releasing is delighted to announce that ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US stormed straight to #1 at the UK box office this weekend taking a fantastic £3,471,972, including Thursday previews.

In just 4 days, One Direction: This is Us has beaten the lifetime total box office for comparative film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never which opened to £820,000 and went on to take £2.3 million in total at the UK box office.

One Direction: This Is Us took estimated $18 million in the US during the Labor Day weekend and also opened around the world in 53 markets.  As of yesterday the film had taken in $14.5 million for a worldwide cume of $32.5 million (this figure does not include Monday international grosses).

Overseas, One Direction has also out-grossed Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in almost every situation. This Is Us outgrossed Never Say Never by 166% against the same markets for which there is box office information.



Global superstars, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson introduce to you their big screen debut: ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US. More than just a filmed concert and tour documentary, this is a chance to get up close and personal with the world’s biggest band. Filmed while the guys were taking their world tour to arenas around the globe -- from Mexico to Japan to London’s famed O2 arena -- the movie mixes high-energy performance footage, candid interviews, and behind the scenes footage to offer a one-of-a-kind perspective into the talent, hard work and mischief that goes into being One Direction. It’s a remarkable story of humble origins, an unprecedented rise to fame and a fan-driven phenomenon that enabled One Direction to conquer the world.

TriStar Pictures presents a Syco Entertainment / Modest! Production, in association with Warrior Poets / Fulwell 73, ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US.  The film is directed by Morgan Spurlock and produced by Simon Cowell, Adam Milano, Morgan Spurlock, and Ben Winston.  Executive producers are Richard Griffiths, Harry Magee, Will Bloomfield, Doug Merrifield, Jeremy Chilnick, and Matthew Galkin.  Tom Krueger is Director of Photography.  Pierre Takal is the editor.  The film’s original score is by Simon Franglen.

One Direction: This Is Us Film Page


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11 December 2009

Released December 11th, Carrier’s follows the journey of four youths as they travel across America attempting to out-run the viral epidemic that is eradicating humanity. Along the way they develop live-by or die techniques for survival, and the game is on to see if they can live by these self imposed rules…

Over the years film makers have been kind enough to reveal the multiple and varying ways in which we will finally meet our worlds end, and we are here to weigh the pro’s and con’s of each scenario: Would you like to be eaten by zombies, hit by a giant tornado, or go up in a giant inferno caused by a flaming meteor?

The Day After Tomorrow – An enjoyable ‘global warming’ warning: When Jack Hall’s timely advice that disaster is looming over humanity goes un-headed by the American government, as might be predicted, havoc ensues with the second coming of the Ice Age.  While a group of clever guy’s and gal’s hole themselves up in a snug library with ample supplies and books to burn to see the ice storm out, all those foolish enough not to have headed warnings or people not let in to the secret (i.e. the rest of humanity) perish. The end of the film see the savvy library dwellers are rescued by helicopters, and life post ice storm begins.

Pro’s: If you are sensible and heed crack-pot warnings from Antarctic explorers (always know for their sense) and lab dwelling Scottish folk you will be able to find yourself a cosy library before the impending disaster strikes.

Con’s: If, like most, you aren’t, then you’ll probably die.

Top tip: If it starts getting chilly find yourself a fortified library. Or, don’t be American? Other countries seemed to remain bizarrely unaffected…


Independence Day – All major cities are reduced to rubble when Aliens greedy for natural resources and full of an evil plan to eliminate humanity come for a visit. Due to the much lauded bravery of (amongst others) Captain Steven Hiller and Russell Casse, a few humans who are still alive succeeded in destroying thousands of energy hungry aliens.

Pro’s: Hopefully there will always be glory hunting maniacs to take on the aliens, so we will never actually lose this one. In fact, if Will Smith is still alive it will probably be him.

Con’s: If there aren’t, we could be in trouble.

Top tip: Don’t live in a major city – if you live in the back end of nowhere the aliens will leave you in peace for long enough for said glory hunting maniac to step in and save your behind.


Dr. Strangelove – A dark comedy where we see what could have ended the Cold War had the American’s employed a crazy loon who implements Emergency Attack Plan R – i.e. nuc the Russians. This trigger’s crazy nationality-confused Nazi-cum-Russian Dr. Strangelove’s “Doomsday Device” which will detonate nuclear sites all over the world when any of Russia’s key sites are attacked. As the world is destroyed by one nuclear explosion after the other, Strangelove advises that the US President gather several thousand people into the deepest of the world’s mines where the radiation won’t be able to penetrate, ensuring the survival of the human race.

Pro’s: If you are an attractive lady you are most likely to survive this one – Strangelove’s advice is to gather "ten females to each male," with the women selected for their stimulating sexual characteristics and the men for their intelligence.

Con’s: If you are neither a hot lady nor a highly intelligent man you will be left to linger over a slow and painful death estimated to last a good 10 months…

Top tip: One that is hopefully pretty self explanatory– don’t leave morons in charge of nuclear weapons.


Dawn of the Dead – A classic Zombie apocalypse, Dawn of the Dead shows us the downside of a Zombie infestation: Having managed to escape from a Philly contaminated by the un-dead, we see four survivors set up camp in a zombie-less mall. Fellow survivors prove to be their ultimate downfall by letting thousands of the creepy killers into their haven, and at the end only two will survive the zombie attack, but it is uncertain whether their low-on-fuel helicopter will really get them to safety.

Pro’s: Although tricky, if you have a fully loaded gun it is possible to take on the un-dead and avoid your world ending.

Con’s: A nasty way to go; no-one likes to see the end in site because Granny’s sunk her choppers into you.

Top tip: Get rid of your dead and fortify yourself; a silly amount of people seem to have an unnatural attachment to their un-dead relatives. Also, make sure your helicopter is fully loaded and ready for a long distance flight at all times.


Children of Men – While no earth shattering explosion or smattering of nuclear warfare is threatening the world in this 2006 sci-fi thriller; humanity is dying. At 18 years old the world’s youngest human has been stabbed, and we follow the journey of Theo as he tried to take a young pregnant girl to safety to, astonishingly, give birth.

Pro’s: As there is no actual apocalypse confronting the earth there’s nothing much to panic about in this potential end of the human race – take a lesson from ageing hippie Jasper Palmer and kick back.

Con’s:  As people become increasingly despondent about the lack of children they seem to become more angry and violent – not a lot of fun by the looks of things.

Top tip: Find yourself a project; whether its escorting miraculously pregnant young ladies to safety, or taking care of a loved one, your mission will keep you busy and focused on the importance of kindness in human relations – keeping you sane ‘til the end.


2012 - As the Mayans grimly predicted – the end of the world takes place in 2012, and this disaster movie sees the flight of one family as they attempt to make it to the government built spaceships where the human race will be preserved.

Pro’s: As the end of the world was predeicted over 1000 years ago, this will mean that we have had ample time to prepare…right?

Con’s: Unless you are super rich the right to survive will not be yours; tickets for Air Force One cost $1 billion (a suitably mind-blowing sum to survive the end of the world).

Top tip: Get incredibly lucky and make sure that you have previously undiscovered depths in extreme motor sports and flying aircraft. Then get yourself a monk to sneak you on to the heavily guarded ships unseen…if this proves too tricky, make sure you are insanely rich.


Deep Impact – When scientist Marcus Woolf dies in a car crash before he can warn the world about the meteor heading towards earth, fatal consequences ensue with the majority of the population being wiped out when part of a giant comet hits the Atlantic Ocean causing 100 foot tidal waves. Fortunately some super-heroic dudes/astronauts come back from the dead to destroy the other half of the comet before it can strike Western Canada rendering all other life impossible, so securing the continuance of humanity.

Pro’s: If you’re lucky enough to be a good climber you can get a great view of humanity being destroyed.

Con’s: Even if you do survive the big flood, you’ll probably never be as famous as Noah.

Top tip: Uninteresting places such as India and Asia seem to also to be safe from this Apocalypse, so if you hear about a meteor heading to earth hop on a plane and get yourself on a holiday in the sun.

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