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Jake Gyllenhaal praises Prisoners co-star Hugh Jackman as a ridiculously good man

18 September 2013

Prisoners opens at the end of the month and Jake Gyllenhaal has praised his co-star Hugh Jackman as a "ridiculously good man".

The film sees Jackman as an individual who comes into conflict with a local detective (Gyllenhaal) when his daughter and her best friend are kidnapped and discussing the film with Flicks and Bits, Gyllenhaal teased that Jackman was an extremely generous collaborator on the Prisoners set explaining "He is a ridiculously good man, it's annoying, he sings, he dances, he saves children... the guy is just... it's frustrating.

For me what was fascinating was that I had met him before and he was so nice, so I thought, 'What was going on, what can we get at?' And what I found was this incredible vulnerability, and his strength comes from an engine of vulnerability.

He is a man that I admire because he is not afraid to show that, and I think what is underneath is what you see in this performance. In this performance is a man who's struggling deeply. The truth of who he is comes out in so many ways and in some extraordinary scenes. He's extraordinary in Prisoners."

Speaking about improvising scenes with Jackman, Gyllenhaal added "Working with him, we improvised a lot, he loves improv and so do I," he said. "We would throw things back and forth at each other. We were questioning and trying to discover our characters together, particularly at the beginning.

And those few scenes we did at the beginning, and then particularly at the middle and end, we could both feel an evolution. He was a real guide for me, in what I was trying to figure out about Detective Loki, and I hope vice-versa. But it was really really fun.

With a subject matter like this, which can seem not that way, it was incredibly fun acting. It was invigorating and enervating and you can see that his energy is like that. What I would say about Hugh is that I don't think he's always 'the nice guy', I just think he's a really, really good man."

Prisoners opens on September 27 and also features Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano.

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