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Jake Gyllenhaal says pretending to be turned on by Anne Hathaway was hardest part of career

18 November 2010

Anne Hathaway is probably one of the most gorgeous creatures to have graced our screens in a long time, but the thought of her naked body and pretending to get it on proved almost too much for the smoking hot Mr.Gyllenhaall, saying:

“I mean, look. I’ve had a pretty illustrious career at this point but the hardest thing has been pretending to be turned on by Anne Hathaway,” Jake joked.

The star of Love and Other Drugs arrived outside The David Letterman Show last night looking very smart and very sexy in his suit, not unlike his character from Love and Other Drugs, even down to the classic 90's shades. Jake spoke to David Letterman last night about the trials of a doing a love scene and described it as an art form saying;

“It’s very carefully planned out. It’s actually very much like football, you know. There are plays. You just got to look for holes in her defensive end,” he said, before quickly adding, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it like that!” 

Oooh careful Jake, I don't think you can go around talking about your co-stars holes!

Love and Other Drugs is the story of the relationship between a commitment phobic Viagra salesman who meets the love of his life, who turns out to be very ill and is out in UK cinemas Valentines Day next year.

Next up Jake will be starring in a rom-com called Nailed with Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway will also be starring a rom com next year called One Day with Jim Sturgess.

Check out our link below to see Jake's interview with Letterman in full.

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