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James Franco set to star in Ricky Stinicky

20 May 2010

'Spider-Man' villain James Franco has been building quite the varied and eclectic CV recently, in between blockbusters, indie dramas, soap opera and directing short films he’s also finding time for another new comedy role in 'Ricky Stinicky', which Twilight team Summit is planning to finance.

He'll play the title role in the film, which sees two best mates inventing a fake friend who provides the perfect excuse for whenever they need time away from their wives. Trouble is, their other halves decide they want to meet this mysterious mate at an upcoming party, leading to a desperate scramble to find someone. Cue them hiring an actor (Franco) to fill the role.

There's no word yet on a director or the rest of the cast, but Jeff Bushell who wrote 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' is writing the script. More on this as it develops.

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