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James Mangold’s LE MANS ‘66 Starring the Powerhouse Duo of Matt Damon + Christian Bale Speeds into ScreenX at Cineworld Cinemas

14 November 2019

Cinemagoers will be transported closer to the tarmac than ever before when LE MANS ‘66, starring Academy Award winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale, is releasing in ScreenX on 15th November, exclusively at Cineworld. ScreenX provides audiences with an epic cinematic experience and in this case, allows them take the thrill up a notch as they are immersed in the worlds most renowned and feared race circuit, upon which the Ford Motor Company took on the dominating Enzo Ferrari race cars.

ScreenX - the world’s first multi-projection theatre technology provides a 270-degree viewing experience which projects onto the screen and side walls of the cinema and was added to Cineworld’s range of exclusive cinema offerings last year. The immersive technology amalgamates several images into one single picture which extends from the central screen outwards, enabling audiences to feel part of the film. The side walls of the cinema are designed to have the brightness and colour perfectly match the main screen content, and speakers are placed specifically to achieve optimum sound and a truly impactful movie experience.



Speaking on benefits of immersive cinema platforms, such as ScreenX, immersive technologies and film expert, Professor Sarah Atkinson, says “Multi-screen projection formats such as Screen X have the potential to put the audience at the heart of the filmmaking process. As the technology evolves, filmmakers have the opportunity to re-invent the medium, creating new storytelling and visual grammars, which is really exciting. Immersive film formats are increasing in popularity across the cinema sector, there’s clearly a big appetite from audiences to experience films in new and engaging ways.”

Discussing Cineworld’s vision for bringing cinematic technological advancements to its customers, Phil Peirce, Cinema Operations Expert at Cineworld, says “We are passionate about pushing the boundaries to connect our customers to film at whole new levels. Modern cinema is no longer about witnessing a film, it’s about experiencing it. Cineworld is committed to growing these immersive platforms through technologies such as ScreenX and 4DX, just last year we set a target of opening 100 ScreenX auditoriums globally and we are firmly on track. .”

In just over a year, Cineworld has launched 15 ScreenX auditoriums throughout the UK and Ireland, with Wales’ first ScreenX recently opened in Newport Spytty Park on 6th November. Since opening, ScreenX has been available across an epic line-up of films, and paired with plans for further Cineworld ScreenX locations throughout 2020 and beyond, the viewership is predicted to increase.

So take thrill levels up a gear and feel transported right onto the race track when LE MANS ‘66 opens in ScreenX at Cineworld on 15th November 2019. Book your tickets NOW!

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About ScreenX
Full list of location ScreenX openings: Basildon, Castleford, Crawley, Didsbury, Edinburgh, Greenwich O2, Leeds, Wandsworth, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Newport Spytty Park, Rushden Lakes, Sheffield, Speke and Watford.

About Cineworld Group
Cineworld aims to be the best place to watch a movie, offering an unparalleled cinema experience in the UK & Ireland, with 100 cinemas and over 1,030 screens. Cineworld Group was founded in 1995 and is currently the second largest cinema chain in the world following the acquisition of US cinema group Regal Entertainment Group in February 2018. In 2014, the Cineworld Group combined with Cinema City International (CCI) and appointed CCI Founder and CEO Mooky Greidinger, as CEO of the Cineworld Group. In August 2016 Cineworld acquired 5 Empire Cinemas, including the iconic Empire Theatre in Leicester Square. This was followed by the acquisition of Empire Newcastle in 2017. Cineworld currently has 23 IMAX® auditoriums, and 14 Superscreens nationwide, as well as a special VIP experience currently available at 4 of their cinemas. Cineworld are the only operators in the UK to offer ScreenX – a 270-degree format that projects onto the front and side walls of the theatre 

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