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James McAvoy reveals challenge and risk of Filth

28 December 2011

Golden Globe nominated Scottish born actor James McAvoy who is known for films including Atonement, Wanted, The Conspirator and Charles Xavier in superhero blockbuster X-Men: First Class has confessed that he worries about how his career will fare after starring in Filth.

The actor takes on the role of depraved Edinburgh police officer Bruce Robertson who is a bigot and a racist who partakes in bestiality and cross-dressing in the big-screen adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel.

He tells The Daily Record: "I'm taking probably the biggest risk of my career in playing the part in Filth. It's an incredible role for me, unlike anything I've ever done and a massive ­challenge. One I hope I don't dash myself on."

Filth starts shooting in January and also stars Jamie Bell and Alan Cumming, however McAvoy insists that he understands the importance of taking on more challenging parts, not only as an actor, but as a lover of film explaining "If you stop taking risks, then you get bored, or you just keep playing the same part, over and over again. Eventually audiences get bored of that as well, it is difficult because everyone is watching now. You can't fail in secret, or quietly. It's a public failure and people notice. It's not that I'm saying people rejoice in tearing you down. Not at all. But, people notice. They go, 'What a disappointment', and that's the worst thing, to disappoint people. So, it makes taking risks riskier."

McAvoy will next be seen in Eran Creevy's Welcome to the Punch alongside Mark Strong and Peter Mullan on September 7.

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