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Jane Goldman sings Daniel Radcliffe’s praises at The Woman in Black premiere

25 January 2012

Screenwriter Jane Goldman was singing the praises of her leading actor Daniel Radcliffe at last night's première for The Woman in Black, at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The wife of Jonathan Ross and writer of films such as Kick-Ass and The Debt, told The Fan Carpet of her delight with Radcliffe's performance - his first since Harry Potter came to an end.

"I was so excited when Daniel came aboard and we were all so blown away by his performance, he's been absolutely incredible," she said.

Gaining an incredibly respectable and growing status within the film industry, Goldman also spoke of her pleasure in writing her first horror film.

"Horror is my favourite genre so it was an absolute delight to write, to try and make something scary and its been so exciting to see peoples response, people seem to be very, very scared," she continued.

"I always see my job as being a translator, and what is most important is making sure its a good film, that's the top priority. "

Goldman wasn't the only one to give Radcliffe credit, as co-star Ciarán Hinds - who also worked with the Harry Potter star in the final instalment of the successful series as Aberforth Dumbledore, was clearly thrilled to have been working with him again.

"Working with Daniel again was great. We had only just met six months before for the very last Harry Potter, so I thrilled that he didn't mind that I was coming to join him for this, which was great because I think he's a really terrific young actor as he goes from strength to strength."

Praise for Radcliffe wasn't just limited to those working on The Woman in Black either, as former Goonies and Gremlins star Corey Feldman, also told The Fan Carpet of his admiration for the young British actor.

"The reason I was intrigued to come tonight is because I'm a huge fan of Daniel Radcliffe's," he said.

"First of all he's a wonderful actor, and secondly I know how hard it can be and how difficult it is to be the star of a franchise and get moulded into one character, and its always a quest or a challenge to move forward with your career and do something very different. So I am very proud that he's doing that and I support that."

The star, currently in London for Dancing on Ice, also had extremely kind words to say of Britain.

"I love the UK, the people are beautiful, everybody's amazing. I love the culture, the music, the art, everything."

We love you too, Corey.

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