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Jessica Chastain ate soy to get into shape for The Help

10 August 2011

Rising star Jessica Chastain recently talked to E! Online about how she got into shape for her latest role of Celia Foote in Tate Taylor's The Help.

Apparently Chastain had to pack on the pounds in the Civil Rights era drama based on the bestselling novel of the same name for her role of the town's unwelcome newcomer who reminds locals of Marilyn Monroe.

"I had to be soft and curvy, so I ate a lot of soy," she explains. "Soy helps you become curvy because it has oestrogen in it. So what I would do—and this is really gross—is buy cartons of soy ice scream, microwave it and drink it. It was disgusting, but wait till you see my boobs in the movie."

Chastain who is best known for playing Brad Pitt's wife in The Tree of Life says she put on 15 pounds and says "It was like a form of torture because you put on all this weight and then you're in the South where it's really hot and muggy and you're putting on girdles to suck you in." But luckily for the gorgeous young star it wasn't to hard to shed the weight adding "I do a lot of yoga, I'm also vegan, so that helps. I lose weight really quick."

The Help comes to UK cinemas on October 28 and features a talented cast of, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anna Camp, Mike Vogel, Allison Janney, Sissy Spacek, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and The Amazing Spider-man babe Emma Stone.

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