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John Cusack and..Nicolas Cage in talks to star in The Frozen Ground

27 July 2011

The prospect of a Nic Cage movie will undoubtedly provoke different reactions in people, some may turn away in disgust, others will burst out laughing and some, like myself will deep down be a little bit excited (I used to hold Nic Cage Tuesdays at University, which isnt as sad as you'd got quite a big turnout by the end!)  Because as a Nic Cage Fan, theres every chance slim as though it might be, but theres a chance this could be a good Nic Cage film that will put him back on top!

Due to his much publicised finiancial troubles, Nic Cage has been accepting a lot of film offers to make a fast buck, and when you're out to make a fast buck the material can suffer and due to his overloaded work schedule trying to recoop some of the money he's lost, he's appeared in a lot of turkeys over the last few years, Drive Angry, Season Of The Witch, Sorcerers Apprentice, Knowing, Bangkok Dangerous to name a few.

However, lets not forget people, this is the actor who once starred in Raising Arizona, Adaptation, Fast Times At Ridegmont High, World Trade Center..he is a fantastic actor, even into his Hollywood action hero phase he was making some classics, Con Air, The Rock for example.. he has it in him and one day we'll get him back.

Which leads me to his latest project which has the potential to be something of a career turnaround, however I use the world potential with some trepidation. The Frozen Ground is a crime thriller starring Nicholas Cage and John Cusack. Cage plays a straight laced cop huntinng down Cusacks serial killer who is abducting women and flying them into the Alaskan wilderness to slaughter them.

Its an unusual casting switcheraoo as on any other day you'd expect Cage to have landed the role of crazed, kidnapping, murderering pyschopath but instead Cusack..cinemas everyman has opted for the role, perhaps to break away from his rom-com image, but either way its an intriguing proposition. Cusack is a brilliant actor and Cage has the chops so together this could really be a smart, scary thriller in the same vein as Nolans Insomnia.

In the mean time Cage has Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance on the way, well he's got to fund his castle addiction somehow!