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Jon Voight approves of Angelina Jolie’s Oscar leg pose

27 February 2012

Oscar winning Hollywood legend Jon Voight has spoken out in approval of his daughter Angelina Jolie's attention-grabbing leg pose at last night's star studded Oscars.

The Oscar winning actress wore a black velvet Atelier Versace dress exposing her right leg and made sure to make the feature prominent throughout the ceremony and the acting heavyweight who has starred in the likes of Coming Home, Transformers, Heat and Mission: Impossible tells Daybreak "I'm so in love with her of course, as every father's in love with his daughter.

She comes out and does this pose and waits until people get it, it was so great. The audience responded so wonderfully too, with whistles and everything."

The Descendants writer Jim Rash mimicked Jolie's pose but insists that it had been "a loving tribute and nothing but".

Voight has Sean McNamara's family film BG3: Play Kids where he'll play Moriarty in post production.

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