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Julianne Moore is a Hasty Pudding

28 January 2011

We all love silly traditions, but no one more so than American University's, especially Ivy League ones, and especially, those funny acting types! Harvard University is no exception, every year the Harvard Drama Society have what they call a Hasty Pudding Ceremony, complete with drag and burlesque shows, and every year they have a woman of the year competition.

Other years winners have included Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway, but this year the prize went to the beautiful Julianne Moore, who was all smiles as she can-canned with the drag queens, and even performed three skits, called "Three secret, delicious tasks" before she could accept her award.

These included pretending to seduce the Social Network's Mark Zuckerberg, 'Silencing a lamb' by reading to it her children's book, 'Freckleface Strawberry' and finally having to tickle a student dressed up as Virginia Wolf until she laughed, a nod to Julianne's role in The Hours. Those crazy Kids!

Moore can next be seen in Crazy, Stupid, Love, a comedy starring Ryan Gosling. Steve Carell and Emma Stone out this Summer.

Julianne Moore