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Justin Timberlake helped onscreen mum

16 August 2011

With the release of In Time fast approaching, Justin Timberlake who is fast becoming Hollywood's go to leading man has revealed that he used experiences with his own mum in order to help his onscreen mother Olivia Wilde play her part.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly the singer turned actor said “We laughed about it when we first saw each other, first of all, Olivia is three years younger than me!

We’d read the script and I would say, ‘Here’s something my mom might do,’ or ‘Here’s the way my mom might say it. I think she really looked to me to give her those little things because she had the trickier job in our scenes.”

Director Andrew Niccol praised the young actress adding “She just inhabited the role, Olivia has something about her, a maturity that’s way beyond her years.”

In Time comes to cinemas on November 1 and is set in a word where time is the currency in a world where nobody ages beyond 25. It stars a great cast that includes Alex Pettyfer, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Galecki, Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser and Rachel Roberts.

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