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Katheryn Winnick will be a Ukrainian showgirl in The Black Marks

19 January 2012

She's starred in the likes of Amusement, Cold Souls, Killers and Love & Other Drugs now word is that gorgeous actress Katheryn Winnick has joined The Black Marks alongside Matt Dillon and Kurt Russell.

The film from filmmaker Jonathan Sobol and is an indie crime comedy that follows Crunch Calhoun (Russell), a low-rent motorcycle daredevil and partly reformed art thief who agrees to go back into the criminal life for one last big score.

His brother Nicky (Dillon) convinces him that it will solve all their problems and they rope in another schmuck (Jay Baruchel) to help out. But when it all goes surprisingly well, the heist leads to another, riskier plan that Nicky has dreamt up and the brothers find that they’re each working to their own agendas.

Winnick will play a Ukrainian showgirl who happens to be Crunch’s girlfriend and the majority of his support system.

She recently shot A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III with Two and a Half Men alum Charlie Sheen and The Thing heroine Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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