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Keaton lands a Penthouse North

09 September 2011

Michael Keaton has landed a role in Penthouse North.

He will be staring alongside Michelle Monaghan in the new film that will be directed by Joseph Ruben.

The film will see Monaghan play a photojournalist who, after experiencing a tragedy has become a recluse from the world and refuses to leave her apartment. Things seem to be going well for her now that she has left the troubles of the outside world, that is until a sadistic criminal, Keaton, breaks in to search for a fortune he believes his hidden there.

With Ruben being a dab hand at the art of the thriller movie after directing the likes of Sleeping With The Enemy and The Good Son, and with two great actors in the lead roles, especially Keaton, this sounds like it has all the working for a brilliant piece.

Shooting for the film is expected to kick off in November.


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