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Keika Lee’s Stunning Animated Short ODD DOG Focuses On Unexpected Friendships And Acceptance Selected For LAICFF

02 June 2020

Keika Lee’s stunning animated short ‘Odd Dog’ focuses on unexpected friendships and acceptance has been selected for Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival

Keika Lee’s Odd Dog shares a story about a young boy who develops an unanticipated friendship with a dog-like cat. This quirky animation has already won three awards including the 2020 Children's Choice For Shorts All Ages Award at Bay Area International Children's Film Festival and it received an honourable mention for Best Animated Short at the 2020 Queen Palm International Film Festival. This film was scheduled to screen at the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival but due to the coronavirus outbreak; this festival has been postponed.

A young boy pleads with his mother to get him a dog but his mother prefers a cat. Years later, the boy runs into what looks like a cat on the street. Can the cat win the boy over with his crazy dog-like antics and become the boy's "odd dog”?

Director Keika Lee is also the writer and producer of Odd Dog. Growing up, she dreamed of being an animator; creating stories and characters to share with children who also dream of being filmmakers. Lee believes and hopes that Odd Dog, which is a delightful 5-minute short about her son and their cat, will charm fans all over the world. Keika has always had a special place in her heart for animation.



Editor Joi-Noelle Worley has been working in the industry for several years in both live action and animation whilst adapting to the specific needs of each project to help a director’s vision come to life. Worley has offered her editorial services for clients including Greyscale Animation, REBL HQ, New York Film Academy, and is currently working at DreamWorks Animation TV as an assistant animatic editor.

Composer Jennifer Kes Remington is a composer for film, television, and video games. Her music credits include the animated series The Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, for which she won two Annie Awards, The Powerpuff Girls and most recently, several video games and smartphone apps for the Raving Rabbids series. Jennifer’s four year foray into documentary filmmaking with her project Hollywood, 90038 also garnered her film festival awards.

Character Designer Genevieve Tsai is currently a Lead Character Designer on the upcoming Animaniacs at Warner Bros. Animation. She has been a Character Designer in film, TV & the game industry for over 15 years, working with many clients including Netflix, Illumination Entertainment, Blizzard, Intel, Google, Riot Games, DisneyToon Studios and EA. She was also the interior illustrator for the novel Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist by Jessica Steele-Sanders & Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch, How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods).

Odd Dog has already screened at 7 film festivals including Bay Area International Children's Film Festival, Children's Film Festival Seattle and Julien Dubuque International Online Film Festival. It was supposed to screen at Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, American Documentary And Animation Film Festival and California Independent Animation Film Festival but it was postponed.

It will be screening at Giffoni Film Festival in July 2020.

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