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Keira Knightley reveals reservations to take the role in A Dangerous Method at the UK premiere

01 February 2012

Kiera Knightley told The Fan Carpet that she had reservations about taking part in David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method at the films premiere in Mayfair last night.

The star of Atonement and Pirates of the Caribbean, playing the sadomasochistic psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein, admitted that the sexual nature to the production was initially preventing her from agreeing to take part in the movie - out on Friday.

"I was in doubt about doing the film because of two specific scenes in the film that are of a sadomasochistic nature. I actually phoned up David and said, 'look I love you and I love your work and I love the script but I don't know whether I want to do this'," Knightley continued.

"But David said "okay, we'll take them out", and I actually thought that the reason I had phoned him up to turn it down was because I thought it was really important to have them in there, not that it was gratuitous.

I thought if you were going to make a film about Freud and Jung and a woman torn apart by her sexual desires in that medium, you cant not see what your talking about," the former Oscar-nominated actress continued.

"We talked and talked about it and kind of got in to what it was in Sabina that meant she needed to do that, and exactly how he was going to shoot it, and the fact that he didn't want to make it sexy or voyeuristic but kind of brutal and strangely clinical. I said 'okay, lets do it'.

I needed an understanding from my part to see how this was going to be done, and so I wasn't going to feel that it was a waste of time."

Working with the Canadian filmmaker Cronenberg for the very first time, it's a somewhat different role for the British actress, as she is beginning to give big Hollywood blockbusters a miss in favour of the smaller, yet arguably more gratifying and well-appreciated features.

And taking on the role of such a complex character certainly provided the 26-year-old with a fair amount of research to get through, despite the help of screenwriter Christopher Hampton.

"I just read as much about Sabina as I possibly could, and spoke to a couple of psychoanalysts about it. I had a four month period between saying yes to the role and actually shooting it, so I just read as much as I could," Knightley said.

"I actually phoned up Christopher who wrote the original play and screenplay and having worked with him before on Atonement, I phoned him up and just said 'okay I'm doing it. Help.' And he said 'okay, okay, come round.'

So I went round to his and I expected him to just have a nice talk about it, maybe an hour, and I'd take notes and have all the answers. But he just handed me a pile of books that were about a foot and a half high and just said, 'start reading.' So I got through as many of those as I could and pieced it together from that."

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