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Keira Knightley wanted for rival Effie Gray film Untouched

07 November 2011

It would seem that Emma Thompson has some competition on the Effie Gray front, with it being a month into shooting, a rival film has emerged with Keira Knightley reported to be wanted for the lead role.

This new one is called Untouched and will be directed by House Of Sand director Andrucha Waddington and will tell the same basic story of Effie, the teenage girl who gets wed to arty type John Ruskin, only for him to be disgusted by some part of her body and refuse to consummate the marriage.

The couple lived a joyless, loveless existence, with his parents constantly attacking poor Effie. But her story has a happier ending, as she divorced Ruskin and married his protégé, John Everett Millais.

Aleksandra Crapanzano penned the script and while there's no word on when it'll shoot, having Knightley attached to star should drum up some interest even if it does clash with Thompson's Effie.

Knightley is currently filming Anna Karenina with Aaron Johnson which comes to UK screens on August 7 next year, but before that, she'll be seen in BFI favourite A Dangerous Method when it comes to cinemas on February 10.

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