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Kevin Spacey to direct Sex on The Moon

19 January 2011

In Hollywood, it pays to write a good book, especially if it gets picked up as a screenplay and developed into a multi million dollar movie, as did Ben Mezrich's Accidental Billionaires, when it became The Social Network.His latest book, true-life heist thriller Sex on the Moon, isn't even out until the summer, but Sony have already picked up the screen rights for the film.

Based on the real life story of Thad Roberts, a NASA intern and one time potential astronaut who persuaded his girlfriend and another accomplice to help him steal the moon rocks in NASA's vault all to impress his girlfriend. The ensuing adventure is "A madcap thrill ride of genius, love and duplicity."

The story sounds fascinating, and has been described in the LA times; "Today it is still difficult to figure out what Roberts — by all accounts a bright young man — was thinking when he conceived the scheme that would destroy his dreams," said LA Times writer Michael Goldstein. "Or what would make him think that he could get away with it. Or how he could talk two other NASA hopefuls into going along with it."

Apparently much like The Social Network, the facts have been meticulously researched by Mezrich including FBI files and countless interviews. The film is yet to be in production but according to reports, Kevin Spacey is going to be executive producing. 

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