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KickStarter Campaign Retells Medieval Fable Reynaert the Fox In Unique Style

27 November 2015

Sander Dufourmont and Wouter Geerits are pleased to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign to generate interest in the unique retelling of the medieval fable of Reynaert the Fox.

The campaign funds will be used to create a trailer for the project. The film will use both digital and handmade animation seamlessly combined to tell the story. The creators are hoping to expand the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry by raising awareness in their work. The campaign has set a goal of $799.

The epic tale dates from the mid-thirteenth century and was the work of Dutch Van den vos Reynaerde, by way of the Old French Roman de Renart. The well-loved genre consisted of animal tales which satirized human society.




Dufourmont and Geerits are digital design students from Ghent, Belgium in their final year of coursework. They explain, “During the last years of our course, we completed a lot of assignments such as websites, apps, and after effects animations. These were are fun to do, but we don’t want to just sit behind a computers screen all day. We love making things with our hands. making a prop or a puppet is much more rewarding to us than just completing a file on a hard drive.”

They continue, “Currently we are in pre-production stage. We already have some dolls and sets but storyboarding, scripting, set building and character design are things where we don't have much experience. That is why we are searching for people via this campaign who want to share their experience and maybe even want to work together with us!”




The creators are using the project as a way to expand their learning in practical ways. They hope to attract puppeteers, animators, people who love crafting, interior designers and storytellers to continue with their work. The expected release date for their trailer is June of 2016.

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