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Kurosawa Productions Presents The Hound Of Heaven World Premiere on October 4 at Raindance

02 October 2014


Short Film Executive Produced by Hisao Kurosawa, son of legendary Akira Kurosawa and emerging Director N.D.Wilson to have World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival 2014

In London on Monday 15th September 2014, Kurosawa Productions and Director N.D.Wilson announce that their short film collaboration The Hound of Heaven, based on Francis Thompson’s haunting poem, will have its World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival on Saturday 4th October, 1.10pm.



Executive Produced by Hisao Kurosawa (Dreams, Ran, Rhapsody in August, After The Rain) and Brian Oxley, Produced by Aaron Rench, Directed by N.D.Wilson (The River Thief, The Great Divorce) and starring Jason Petty AKA LA Rapper Propaganda and Danielle Smith, The Hound of Heaven is about a girl who believes that she is fleeing death, when she is actually running away from her only chance at life. Set to a surreal, nightmarish poem written in the nineteenth century by a homeless addict in London.

Hisao Kurosawa said: "The Hound of Heaven is a striking film, simultaneously brimming with aggression and tenderness. And Nate excels in his craft as a director and storyteller with this vivid and imaginative piece of cinema."

N.D.Wilson said: "Honestly, I think I should be sick of the film by now, but I'm truly thrilled with Hound -- even more so now that it's being screened at Raindance. It still shocks me uniquely every time I watch it, and I couldn't be any prouder of our team for what they were able to do. Of course, having to meet Kurosawa's standards provided the right kind of inspirational pressure for all of us. It's difficult to express how honoured and grateful I am to have worked with him on The Hound of Heaven, and I hope to benefit from his sharp eyes again someday soon."



The Hound of Heaven Film Page | Website


N.D. "Nate" Wilson
Currently lives in a small rural town in the North-Western United States, one block from where he was born in 1978. He committed himself to storytelling at a very early age, and has ignored the boundaries of both genre and medium throughout his career, penning bestselling novels, award-winning nonfiction, and film scripts. Four years ago, after an experience in front of the camera on a TV documentary, he resolved to learn the director's craft, working on short films between his writing projects. That pursuit led him to THE HOUND OF HEAVEN, by far his most ambitious short to date, and his first feature film, THE RIVER THIEF, (now in post-production), which he wrote and directed. He is currently adapting C.S. Lewis' THE GREAT DIVORCE for the screen, along with two of his own novels.

Hisao Kurosawa
As president of Kurosawa Productions, Hisao produced the later works of his father Akira Kurosawa including Ran (1985), Dreams (1990) and Rhapsody in August (1991), Madadayo (1993) and has managed the company since his death in 1998 and the spiritual legacy of the great filmmaker. He has also produced other films such as After The Rain (1999) Directed by Takashi Koizumi and executive produced The Hound of Heaven Directed by N.D.Wilson.

In April 2006, he founded the Akira Kurosawa film school in Tokyo, which offers a two-year course for acting, directing and film production.