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Kylie Minogue denies reports that she’s doing ‘A Beyonce’

03 November 2010

Kylie Minogue is going loco-motion over a recent report by the Daily Mail that she is on a crazy and unhealthy low calorie crash diet not unsimilar to the mayple syrup diet that Beyonce famously used to loose pounds with. 

The already teeny tiny star was horrified at the paper's reports that she only eats one low calorie meal a day and lives on hot water  and lemon juice the rest of the time. The paper claimed that a 'high profile' source close to the singer had told them that the 42 year old had dropped a dress size before a high profile appearance in the US.

So furious was Kylie that she has bitten back through Twitter saying: " reports that I am on a water diet are not only untrue but irresponsible. No, No, NO!!!"

Kylie is the last person in the world who needs to loose any weight, especially after suffering from Breast Cancer, the star has no doubt got her priorities in order, and refuses to set a bad example to her legions of fans, good for you Kylie!

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