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Lindsay Lohan cries at an Adele concert, but at least she’s not drinking

19 August 2011

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the Adele concert on wednesday night looking very glam in a nude top, leapord print bag and giant beaded earrings, but the soulful sounds of Adele's music must have really hit home with the actress who was spotted crying. Which may explain why she was holding the hand of what we can only assume was her minder/babysitter. Apparently Lohan wasn't drinking, but smoking a lot to calm her nerves.

However she later popped on over to the infamous Chateaux Marmont where she was "giggling and  perky" until she apparently had some words with someone in a heated phone call which seemed to bring the actress' night down once again.

Lindsay can next be seen in Underground Comedy with Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez and Adrien Brody. The film doesn't have a release date yet but we will keep you updated.

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