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Lindsay Lohan makes a boob career choice

18 July 2011

Lindsay Lohan has plunged to new limits this week in a new racy photoshoot where she is posing (and when we say posing we mean letting a male model touch her up in a cab) with model Spencer Falls in downtown LA. The shoot also shows Lohan in a white ball dress wielding a bloody dagger in a tunnel with Spencer Falls in a top hat, as well as the pair dancing and in bed together. The shoot taken by Alan Gelati for the August issue of Vanity Fair Italia.

However Lindsay can't simply have a photoshoot without a little bit of drama, this time alluding to the fact that Lohan may own a gun. In the accompanying interview, Gelati reportedly claimed Lohan "brings out a pink fur jacket and a gun: ‘I've got a permit to carry a firearm, but it's not loaded, I keep it in the house in case someone tries to get in.'"

Lohan is denying this event ever took place, insisting that she doesn't own a gun.

The starlet's publicist, Steve Honig, told, "Lindsay has never, ever owned any type of firearm in her life. I have no idea why someone would say that."

Still, gun or no gun, these photo's are dangerous enough, but sadly are probably just another nail in the coffin that is her acting career. Sorry did we say sadly, we meant unsurprisingly!

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