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Living with Murder

11 September 2009

TX: Monday 14 September 2009 at 9pm on Crime & Investigation Network™ 6 x 60’ documentary on Mondays

Living with Murder is a moving documentary series for CI Network that tells the stories of the victims of murder.  This unique glimpse behind the headlines reveals what life is like for the families left behind; looking at how they cope as painful details surrounding the killing are slowly revealed over days, months and sometimes years.

The series starts on Monday 14 September 2009 at 9pm on Crime & Investigation Network™ Featuring interviews with grieving family members Living with Murder gives step by step accounts of circumstances leading to the tragedy of their loved one’s murder and explains the rippling effect such a death has on the victim’s family and friends.

The series features six tragic tales including the story of Jean Taylor whose son, Stephen, was killed by an obsessed female friend who gave him a lethal injection whilst he was sleeping.  Four years afterwards her daughter, Chantel, went missing, sparking a nationwide search that only ended 18 months later when police investigating another case found an incriminating letter that led to her killer.

Further episodes include the brutal death of Jackie Summerford’s daughter, Bonnie, at the hands of a rapist; the murder of Andrew Jones, who was killed by a group of youths whilst out for drinks with friends; the fatal stabbing of Diane Yates’ mother by her father when she was just ten years old; the murder of young musician Alan Kneebone; and the horrendous killing of Louise Sutcliffe by a man her fiancé, Marcus Van Willings, innocently invited into their home.

Living with Murder is a Unicorn production for CI Network and is produced and directed by Miriam Lyons.