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Loving Moominmama: A Conversation with Xavier Picard for the release of Moomins on the Riviera

08 June 2015

Moomins On The Riviera, features the entire Moomin clan as they embark on a hilarious adventure on the glamorous Riviera. After a journey fraught with menacing storms and desert island dangers, Snorkmaiden is dazzled by the attentions of a playboy and Moomin learns that jealousy’s sting is the most painful of all.

The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali in association with Lydia Kay of Acting Hour had the pleasure of talking to Xavier Picard for the release of Moomins On The Riviera, he tells us about his first interaction with the Moomins, his love for Moominmama and his hopes for the future of the Moomins…


What was it about the Moomins that made you decide to bring them to the big screen?

Oh, you know I met with the Producer and we made the decision five years ago because the Moomins characters the company owner of the right Moomins decided to call people and we competed to have the Moomins movie because for me it is one of the best comic strips I have ever read so I wanted absolutely to do a movie of Moomins.

And to convince Sophia Jansson, we produced a two minutes trailer, and we were in need of direction and the shooting I wanted to do for this movie. And from that Moomins character gain the green light for the movie and it became a long story.


Brilliant. So you are a fan the original Moomins?

Yes I am a fan of the original Moomins, I started out with comic strip. I discovered the Moomins not in France because, I’m sorry to say, we don’t know of the Moomins in France, I discovered the Moomins in Japan around 25 years ago, I had the chance to work with Japanese people animation and I discovered Groke from the Moomins and Japanese folk and then I found them in England and it was quite a discovery for me.


Brilliant. And so going back to the film, how important was it for you to stay true to the original animation and story style?

In fact I wanted to respect the original story. Sophia Jansson wanted it to come absolutely from the comic strip. I loved the comic strip so for me it was not easy to do from the comic strip, except from the comic strip, called “Moomins of the Riviera” because Tove Jansson work and design those comic strips and she was a very nice person, and it was an actual pleasure to meet her and I love the story, I love the characters, so for me the group start from this point and then, of course, go to the Moomin Valley.


And with that in mind, do you think it can still relate to the older generation that grew up with the Moomins and accessible enough to engage the younger audience?

I am sure the Moomins are for all generations, for all audience, that for the movie, most definitely, you have a look on the poster, the Moomins they look very much for young audience, they are beautiful.

So it meant for me that was visually good for young audience and for animation too. Animated movies are done for young audience, that should convince that the story and title is for everyone, maybe sometime especially for adults.





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