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Luke Albright discusses Mountaineering and Renny Harlin for the release of The Dyatlov Pass Incident

26 August 2013

With The Dyatlov Pass Incident out to own on Blu-ray and DVD today, we had the great pleasure in speaking to one of the stars Luke Albright, who plays the seemingly levelheaded adventurer JP Hauser Jr.

Speaking to us directly over the phone from across the Atlantic, Albright discusses his own thoughts on the real life incident that inspired this film, where nine people were mysteriously found dead when climbing a mountain in 1959. He also speaks about working with director Renny Harlin again, and talks about his next project, Monumental.


Your character JP is an avid traveller – have you ever been travelling before? Or mountaineering?

My man, yes. I grew up in Colorado so used to do a lot of mountaineering, we'd even do week lone expeditions in the summer with just a pack on your back and that's it. A lot of fun.


I was about to ask how you handled the freezing cold conditions on location but I guess you're used to it?

Yeah, but not that cold. Where we were, above the Arctic circle, it was real cold. Luckily they took really good care of us, and they tried not to keep us out in it too much in between takes. It wasn't that bad actually.


So how close to the real 'Dyatlov Pass Incident' did you guys actually shoot?

Well it wasn't at the Mountain of the Dead, thank goodness! I was really worried about that actually, if we were going to be shooting in the actual place, but I don't think the government will let people go there any more.


Hypothetically speaking, had they shot the film at the 'Mountain of the Dead'  - would you still have signed up to the project?

I probably would have signed up still, but I would have been really nervous to be honest with you. If you go online and read about what actually happened to those hikers, that's no joke man, that's some pretty messed up stuff. I would have signed on, but been pretty freaked out, for sure.


Does it help to get into the head of the character when you've got a real location such as this?

I think with any film when you get into a costume or to the actual locations, especially with something like this where desolation is a huge part of the scares, I think it does worlds of wonder for the character.


Had you heard of the Dyatlov Pass Incident before?

Nope. When I first started talking to them about doing the movie, obviously I jumped online and did a lot of research, but that was it. I was really, really excited once I started researching what happened because I'm a huge conspiracy guy, so it was pretty entertaining.





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