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Marc Zammit’s Directorial Debut HOMELESS ASHES Starring Zammit, Angela Dixon and Kirsty J. Curtis is Set to Premiere At Raindance

20 August 2019

Marc Zammit’s HOMELESS ASHES To Premiere At Raindance

Marc Zammit’s Aptitude Films is delighted and proud to announce that their remarkable new British independent feature film HOMELESS ASHES will have its UK Premiere at this year’s prestigious Film Festival RAINDANCE on Monday 23rd September at 21.15 at the Vue Cinema Piccadilly, Lower Regent Street, London.

London-born actor Marc Zammit, also making his directorial debut with HOMELESS ASHES – a film which shines a light on homelessness and gives homeless people a voice - says “We are honoured to be part of this world-renowned independent film festival. I am so proud of all the cast, crew and all our supporters who did such epic work for this film by going above and beyond. We have achieved so much over the last four years and I am seriously forever grateful. They believed in my film and trusted in me, and joined me on my journey to make this story of one homeless boy. Each person living homeless has a story and deserves to be heard. They are homeless, not invisible. I met many of them living on the streets of London whilst researching for this film. It is dedicated to them.”



HOMELESS ASHES tells the story of Frankie, a young boy (played by Hector Bateman- Harden, (soon to be seen in the new TV series Four Weddings and a Funeral) who runs away from an abusive home and grows up trying to survive on the streets - adult Frankie is played by Marc Zammit. After fleeing from his parents Stuart (Dean Maskell) and Abbie (Angela Dixon), he falls-in with junkies including Viv (Kirsty J. Curtis) and Ryan (Lee Hunter), makes honest friends in Gavin (Jason Flemyng) and Chico (Lew Temple – The Walking Dead), and is reunited with childhood friend Nicole (Jamey May). But living on the streets is tough and not everyone survives. Andrew Lee-Potts (The Crown). Hollyoaks favourite Fabrizio Santino, and US actress and singer Maria Howell (The Vampire Diaries) also star.



Homeless Ashes is written by George Wilcox, produced by Marc Zammit, James Fuller, David Freedman and Craig Hinde, directed by Marc Zammit. The director of photography is Richard Oakes, and the composer is Mark Wind.



Homeless Ashes Film Page | UK Premiere tickets Available on Eventbrite


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