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Mark Millar thinks Superman vs. Batman is a brilliant idea

17 August 2013

While he previously said a Justice League big screen outing would be "an excellent way of losing $200 million", it would appear that comic book icon Mark Millar is open to the proposed Superman vs. Batman, hailing it as a "brilliant idea".

The Kick-Ass creator who has tackled both characters in the past, believes that the film is the ideal way to build towards a Justice League team-up project explaining to Total Film "I actually think it's a brilliant idea.

Justice League would have been a really weird move for them. Could you imagine doing The Avengers without doing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and everything beforehand?

With the Justice League, you're talking about seven different dimensions that these characters are coming from. The Martian Manhunter comes from Mars, with Wonder Woman you have to explain the Paradise Islands populated by Amazons.

The Green Lantern you'll have to reintroduce because nobody saw the first film and then there's the Flash, and Aquaman and the undersea kingdom of Atlantis - how on earth do you possibly explain that?"

Millar also predicted that Superman vs. Batman would bring in just as much money at the box office as a Justice League film would because "nobody really cares about those other characters anyway yet".

Superman vs. Batman is expected to shoot early next year to arrive in cinemas in 2015 with Zack Snyder returning to the director's chair and Henry Cavill reprising his role of Superman.

There's no word on who has nabbed the role of Batman yet, however Orlando Bloom is the current favourite, with reports suggesting Christian Bale has been offered a staggering $50 million contract to revisit his Batman role from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.