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MARRIAGE STORY Leads As Alex Riddle Discusses The Pros And Cons of Yesterday’s GOLDEN GLOBE Nominations

10 December 2019

The Hollywood Foreign Press announced their Golden Globe nominations yesterday. The shape of this year’s awards season has suddenly shifted into focus. Here’s our hot take of what the announcement means for the race ahead… 

We have a frontrunner…
Marriage Story has elbowed its way to the front of the pack with its six nominations. With two leads in the prime of their careers, and a win at the Gotham Awards last week to kick off the awards campaign, Noah Baumbach’s film has officially become The One To Beat. Yesterday’s nominations are good news too for The IrishmanOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood, and 1917, whose places on the Oscar Best Picture shortlist appear assured.



The two films that will be happiest however will surely be Parasite and JokerParasite’s spot on the Best Screenplay list, and Bong Joon Ho’s Best Director nomination, elevate it to potential Oscar dark horse status. Equally, Joker’s hopes have received a significant boost. The Golden Globes – like the Oscars – know that they are in a fight to remain relevant, and to do so they will need to reward the films that Joe Public watching back at home will not only have heard of, but seen. Joker’s multiple nominations are an acknowledgment of its monster box-office and influence on popular culture. But the Best Director nomination for Todd Phillips is significant. This is no token gesture; The HFPA clearly rates this film. It might just upset the odds.



One disappointment: The films at the forefront of the awards conversation as it stands are looking increasingly male heavy – both in terms of narrative focus and their talent in-front of and behind the camera. Expect a backlash, and another major conversation about Hollywood’s gender problem. With films like Little Women, The NightingaleThe FarewellWild Rose, and Booksmart catching the eye this year, the Academy will only have themselves to blame if they walk straight into another #OscarsSoMale storm.



Netflix Comes To The Party
The traditional narrative is that the Hollywood establishment views Netflix with great suspicion. Pundits thought voters would seek to protect the traditional silver screen experience from the big bad steaming juggernaut by keeping their films out of the awards conversation. Not anymore. After last year’s breakthrough year (and Roma securing the company’s first Best Picture Oscar nomination), this year’s seventeen-nomination haul puts Netflix streets ahead of its rivals. While The Irishman and Marriage Story’s plethora of nominations was fully expected, The Two Popes’ was less so. Four nominations for The Two Popes, and a spot on the hotly-contested Best Motion Picture – Drama category is a huge win. Likewise, the nod for Dolemite Is My Name in the Comedy or Musical line-up. Netflix may have spent a few years knocking on Hollywood’s door, but they are well and truly inside now – and officially the biggest name at the party. 



HFPA Feel The Love for Rocketman
Remember Rocketman? It feels like an age since the Taron Egerton showstopper came out to a warm, but fairly muted reception. Paramount has been working incredibly hard to push the film back into the awards picture with glitzy Q&As with Elton John and a concerted push to woo Academy members. The effort has paid off big time with a Best Motion Picture – Comedy and Musical nod and a breakthrough nomination for Egerton himself. The HFPA shocked pundits by awarding Bohemian Rhapsody two awards at last year’s ceremony, and solidified Rami Malek’s position as the clear Oscar-frontrunner with a Best Actor win. Rocketman can’t boast comparable box-office figures, but Rhapsody’s unexpected awards journey lays out a potential path to similar success. And with no Bryan Singer-esque controversies to block its progress, do not rule out another surprise come January.



Where’s Bobby?
As always, the most furiously-dissected element of any nominations announcement, is the question of who’s been snubbed. Robert De Niro appears to be the biggest casualty this time around. His absence from the Best Actor – Drama list is a major surprise, particularly in the light of The Irishman’s overall popularity and co-stars Pacino and Pesci’s nominations. Adam Sandler, Constance Wu, Willem Dafoe, Lupita Nyong’o, and – particularly – Florence Pugh will also feel unfortunate not to have made the cut this time round.  On the film front, Le Mans ‘66’s hopes are on the skids after missing out on a place on the start line of the Best Picture race. And while Toronto-darling Jojo Rabbitand the rapturously-reviewed Little Women both scored major nominations in the form of Best Picture – Comedy and Musical and a Saoirse Ronan Best Actress nod respectively, they also endured notable blows. Taika Waititi and Greta Gerwig’s complete absence from the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories will have been a big disappointment to their awards teams. They will hope to see these snubs rectified come January’s Oscar nominations. 

Written by Alex Riddle

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