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Marvel + Sony’s SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME – In Cinemas Wednesday: How Much Could Peter Parker Earn In Real Life?

14 December 2021

The new Marvel release, Spider-Man No Way Home crawls into the cinema this Wednesday and is expected to make a massive $190-$200 million in just its opening weekend. But, outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, how would our favourite characters, like Spider-Man, fare in the real world having to go through writing CVS, giving job interviews and getting real-life jobs?

Interested in career prospects, created mock CVs based on skills and attributes of the most popular Marvel characters. Using, skill sets were then matched to relevant career choices to determine which Marvel character could potentially earn the most.



Some of the results:

  • The most well-off Marvel character in real life would be Doctor Strange, who could make an average of £78,699 a year from his predicted career as a General Practitioner (GP)
  • Next is Black Widow, who could make an average annual income of £56,009 as a Headteacher
  • Ranking in third is Black Panther, earning a potential £51,066 a year on average as a Project Manager
  • On the other end of the scale, Wolverine could see an average of £24,277 a year as a Translator.

Table 1: The highest-earning Marvel character


Marvel character

Job role

Skill match %

Average annual salary


Doctor Strange

General Practitioner




Black Widow





Black Panther

Project Manager





IT Systems Developer




Captain America





Iron Man

Robotics Engineer





Operations Manager










Secondary School Science Teacher








The Marvel character with the highest earning potential is Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange). With an impressive medical background as a neurosurgeon (before his accident which led to hand damage) and a vast knowledge of both western and mystical medicine, Dr Strange earned a 47% skill set match as a General Practitioner (GP) which could earn him an average of £78,699 a year.

In second place, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) could potentially earn £56,009 a year as a Headteacher. With a skill set match of 45%, her transferable soft skills such as planning and surveillance, with the addition of the Red Room’s training which shaped her leadership and logistics skills, would make her a compelling authoritative figure in the education sector.

In third place is Black Panther (T’Challa) who could earn an annual salary of  £51,066 on average as a Project Manager (skill set match of 75%). T’Challa’s background as a King and Black Panther will certainly help with his team management skills and using the most efficient resources to complete the job. Moreover, his PhD in Physics could allow him to pursue a Project Management career in the engineering field.

Ranking in fourth is our favourite small superhero, Ant-Man. The tiny talent, Scott Lang could use his master’s degree in electrical engineering to obtain a role as an IT Systems Developer, which would pay out £46,956 a year on average - a 72% skill set match.



Next is Captain America (Steve Rogers). With his career in the military and private tutoring, in addition to his superhero positions in the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D, Rogers could rake in an average of £46,366 a year as a Planner (65% skill set match). By following a career in town planning, Captain America could put his excellent interpersonal skills to use when negotiating with key committee members and governmental figures in order to design the best project for the community.

Further down the pay scale is Spider-Man (Peter Parker) who could see an average of £30,706 a year as a Secondary School Science Teacher. Parker’s passion and knowledge (including his doctoral studies in Biochemistry) for science alongside his ability to work in a team, craftsmanship and enthusiasm for learning puts him in a strong position to excel as a science teacher with a skill set match of 76%.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, commented on the findings “Finding a job that matches a person’s skill set can improve their career opportunities extensively and, of course, result in a higher salary, which in turn could improve pension prospects and potentially lower the required retirement age. Therefore, it is imperative to use efficient language within a resume to convey the relevant experience and land the best possible role for yourself.

Tips for a successful CV:

  • Include your skill set - Expertise learnt in previous roles will be beneficial for your CV as these count as transferable skills
  • Tailor your CV - Aim for a focused résumé for each role that contains only relevant skills and experiences appropriate to the job role application
  • Stand out - Communicate how you have grown and changed in your roles, and the significant accomplishments achieved
  • Show measurable results - For a more prosperous résumé, avoid cliché and generic buzzwords such as ‘multi-tasker’ and ‘self-motivated’ and instead, emphasise results.”


  1. sought to discover the relevant career roles and potential earnings of Marvel characters in real-life jobs.
  2. Using a global polling database,, established the 10 most popular Marvel Comics Superheroes at the time of data collection.
  3. In order to create mockup CVs for the characters, each Marvel character’s education, career background, and skills were examined from reputable sources such as, and Marvel character Thor was excluded from the study due to no evident education or work experience.
  4. Once each CV was drafted, using’s ValueMyCV tool, analysed the job roles with the highest skill set match (%) to the Marvel character. Average monetary figures for each top job role was also noted.
  5. All figures were amalgamated and sorted to show the highest potential average earning salary.
  6. All data was collected on 13 October, 2021.

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