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Matt Richardson Hosts The Virtual Event As Royal Television Society Announces Winners For The 2020 Student Television Awards

26 June 2020

The virtual event was hosted by comedian and presenter Matt Richardson

This year, the winning entries came from students at 13 universities and institutions across the UK.

Students from the National Film and Television School led the way with six wins, followed by IADT Dun Laoghaire with three wins, and both UCL and the University of Edinburgh took home two awards.

The Royal Television Society (RTS), Britain’s leading forum for television and related media, announced the winners for its 25th national RTS Student Television Awards, sponsored by Motion Content Group, at a live-streamed awards ceremony this afternoon. The virtual event was hosted by comedian and presenter Matt Richardson.

The awards celebrate students across six categories for the best audiovisual work created at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including AnimationComedy & EntertainmentDramaFactualNews and Short Form. To reward excellence in craft skills, awards were also presented in the following categories at the judges’ discretion: CameraworkEditingProduction DesignSound and Writing.

This year, the winning entries came from students at 13 universities and institutions across the UK. Students from the National Film and Television School led the way with six wins, followed by IADT Dun Laoghaire with three wins, and both UCL and the University of Edinburgh took home two awards.

Siobhan Greene, Managing Director, 110% Content and Chair of the RTS Student Television Awards, said “The juries this year had hard decisions to make, narrowing down a line-up of inspiring creative entries from all over the UK. We are proud to recognise and celebrate the talent coming into the industry this afternoon. Congratulations to all the winners.”

Please see below the full list winners and nominees:





WINNER - Margin of Terror - Kieran McLister (University of Edinburgh)

“The jury were blown away by the strong acting and performance. The film’s animation very much reflects these performances. As with the best ever animations there’s an amazing attention to detail. Post Aardman with lots of in-jokes and strong rich touches. Delivered the criteria of the competition with impressive results.”


Ctrl + Alt + Z - Holly Keating, Conor Leech, Ciara O'Shaughnessy and Kai Munoa (Ballyfermot College of Further Education)

  • You're Fit - Lydia Reid (Kingston University)




WINNER - Heatwave - Fokion Xenos, Priya K. Dosanjh, Brendan Freedman, Stella Heath Keir, Kevin Langhamer and Team (National Film and Television School)

“Very accomplished and hugely enjoyable. The touch of surrealism took us on a great journey with a clever use of cycles which drew us in and then surprised us. Very well paced and as a result it’s a film that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome with its beautiful observations. We knew what they were saying even though there were no words. Very playful and colourful, with brilliant production design. The ambitious crowd shot view blew us all away. A superbly funny trip to the beach which left us with sand between our toes.”



  • Almost There - Nelly Michenaud, Tim Dees, Nathanael Baring, Kate Phibbs and Team (National Film and Television School)
  • In Her Boots - Kathrin Steinbacher (Royal College Of Art)




Comedy & Entertainment:


WINNER - Biggy - Henry Oliver, Jordi Estapé Montserrat and Liam Morgan (Ravensbourne University)

“The jury unanimously loved this creative, funny, stand-out work. Brilliantly shot, with impeccable detail throughout, and a first class edit. This had us all laughing out loud and the Jury was so impressed. The song is a hit and Biggy is a star.”



  • FLIT - Jack Allen, Elías Nader, Ina Morken, Laurence Jenkins and Carey Melanie Osborne (University of Edinburgh)
  • Holiday! - Toby Matthews, Amy Lindley and Charles Power (Falmouth University)




WINNER - Lucy - Menghan Zhu, Gwennaëlle Counson, Lia Monguzzi, Ziyu Qiu, Elliot Barker and Ruojing Yang (Goldsmiths, University of London)

“The jury's attention was grabbed by the very unusual concept and full of admiration that the work wasn't afraid to be bold.”



  • Go For Alanya - Anna Castelaz, Arianne Smith, Madeleine Quarm, Daniela Velasco, Olga Lagun and Jessica Halee (Goldsmiths, University of London)





WINNER - Starry Night - Emma Smith, Caoilinn Handley, Rachel Moloney, Lori Stacey, Anna Heisterkamp and Team (IADT Dun Laoghaire)

“Starry Night had a wonderful playfulness, strong performances, with a compelling non-linear narrative that really stood out.”



  • A Dead Canary - James Davis, Elle Ralph, Charlotte Murphy, Rachel Neill and David Richards (University of Gloucestershire)
  • Sealskin - Anna Venuto, Lara Karam and Daisy Leigh Phippard (Arts University Bournemouth)





WINNER - UFO - Harvey Gardner, Reece Steel and Luca Michelli (University of the West of Scotland)

“Ufo is a wonderfully original and offbeat film, unanimously praised for its unexpectedly moving and poignant story, told with real visual boldness and wit. The balance of surrealist animation, a deceptively emotional script, endearing characters and quietly truthful performances made this a real stand out for the panel.”



  • Azaar - Myriam Raja, Nathanael Baring and Team (National Film and Television School)
  • November 1st  - Charlie Manton, Teodora Shaleva, Molly Manning-Walker, Theo Boswell, Celina Øier and Team (National Film and Television School)






WINNER - Building Bridges - Josephine Cressy, Guillermo Quantanilla Pinto, Maximillian Wilson, Pierre Niyongira and Luke Denton (University of the West of England, Bristol)

“The jury found this film very moving and honest; it was brave and the filmmaker had cleverly woven the storyline throughout the story. Felt like this could be transmittable.”



  • The Curiosity of Edward Pratt - Thomas Sandler, Oscar Godfrey and Alex Gordon (University of York)
  • Women Uprooted - Dominique de Villiers, Fran Brotherton-Cottrell, Ellie Price, Grace Mosley and Andrea Stensholm Klæboe (Falmouth University)




WINNER - Separation - Wei Han (UCL)

“The judges were unanimous in praising this film as "perfectly told", plotting an emotional story tightly and subtly - with a lyrical power worthy of a feature film. This was a story with resonance at all levels - whether about family, society, class or gender. It left you caring deeply for the young girl at its heart.”



  • Carrying Myself - Matea Petrović (University of Salford)
  • Green and Grey - Lucia Amoroso (UCL)





WINNER - It Takes All Sorts - Katya Fowler (University of Leeds)

A convincing investigation with consumer journalism as its beating heart which was cleverly storyboarded and creatively filmed and edited. Fine on-screen presentation encouraged the viewer to pay full attention to what is inside that next cup of herbal tea.”



  • A Roof Over Our Heads - Pien Meulensteen (University of Salford)
  • Inked - Alex Bridgewood (University Of Derby)





WINNER - Host or Hostile? - Issa Farfour (Cardiff University)

“A powerful story packed with suspense and drama that took viewers on a very touching personal journey. This poignant tale of one family’s flight from the war in Syria to the supposed sanctuary of Europe, chronicled retrospectively through the lens of their young student journalist son, was a rollercoaster ride of raw emotions. A stand-out piece of first-person journalism.”



  • Tarred by the Brush of Modern Slavery - Huong Nguyen (Nottingham Trent University)
  • The Decline of The Great British Bee - Adam Smith (University of Sheffield)



Short Form:


WINNER - Night Hopper - Lauren Burnham (Staffordshire University)

“This film looked great with some beautiful shots. Pacey and well put together by an interesting filmmaker, this film felt visceral and inventive and was very accomplished.”



  • Looking For - Cian Desmond, Caoilinn Handley, Jack Desmond and Lori Stacey (IADT Dun Laoghaire)
  • Tia - Jamie Walsh (University of Central Lancashire)





WINNER - Rough Hands - Fabio Mota, Lily Grimes, Francesco Cibati, Beatriz Honório, Malika Ruzmetova and Team (National Film and Television School)

“The jury thought this film had a great story at its heart and a nice range in set ups. It looked great and all in all, very well executed. “


  • Hungry Mobsters - Francis Corby Ceschin, Paola Gonzalez Camarero, Said Englund, Ava Isak, Fabio Mota and Team (National Film and Television School)
  • Timing is Everything - Michele Vicenti, Twan Peeters and Team (National Film and Television School)






WINNER - Anna Heisterkamp - Starry Night (IADT Dun Laoghaire) 

“Nice lighting. Good camerawork and good story. Flowed well.”


  • Jack Desmond  - Looking For (IADT Dun Laoghaire)
  • Liam Morgan - Biggy (Ravensbourne University London)





WINNER – Michael Filocamo - Azaar (National Film and Television School)

“Beautifully shot with great use of light to create a brilliant atmosphere. The locations were perfect and enhanced by great camera work. Simple framing, haunting score and shots allowed to play out. Simple but effective.”


  • Brendan Freedman - Heatwave (National Film and Television School)
  • Molly Manning-Walker - November 1st (National Film and Television School)






WINNER - Grace Mosley - Women Uprooted (Falmouth University)

“Good sound design in the film. Great edit. Well told piece. Strong storytelling.”


  • Thomas Sandler - The Curiosity Of Edward Pratt (University of York)
  • Henry Oliver and Justin Grange-Bennett - Biggy (Ravensbourne University London)





WINNER – Wei Han - Separation (UCL)


“Exceptional filmmaking.  The way the narrative unfolds is captivating and thought provoking.”


  • Celina Øier - November 1st (National Film and Television School)
  • Stella Heath Keir - Heatwave (National Film and Television School)




Production Design:


WINNER – Ina Morken and Jack Allen - FLIT (University of Edinburgh)

“Funny, loved the setting of the film. Great production design and art department. Good colours and lighting. Great detail in the set. Great soundtrack that helped to tell the story.”


  • Kieran McLister - Margin of Terror (University of Edinburgh)
  • Rachel Neill - A Dead Canary (University of Gloucestershire)




WINNER – Lauren Taylor - Azaar (National Film and Television School)

“Loved the strong use of colour, the red elements in the costume, curtains, doors, blood which brought this together so cleverly. All of this complimented the locations and brought everything together.”


  • Antonio Niculae - Heatwave (National Film and Television School)
  • Theo Boswell - November 1st (National Film and Television School)





WINNER - Rose Connolly - Ctrl + Alt + Z (Ballyfermot College of Further Education)

“Very good animation, well told. Liked the look and feel of the film. Good use of foley, good soundtrack. Music and stylish, good foley mix.  “


  • Luke Denton - Building Bridges (University of the West of England, Bristol)
  • Kieran McLister and Mike Meurs - Margin Of Terror (University of Edinburgh)




WINNER – Kevin Langhamer - Heatwave (National Film and Television School)

“An excellent sounding animation. Nicely panned vehicles across the stereo image. Loved the Bouzouki strum for toe testing the sea’ temperature.”


  • Ioannis Spanos - Almost There (National Film and Television School)
  • Edward Guy - November 1st (National Film and Television School)





WINNER - Rachel Moloney - Starry Night (IADT Dun Laoghaire)

“A well thought out script that allowed you to feel the story & not get lost in the use of time.”


  • Josephine Cressy - Building Bridges (University of the West of England, Bristol)
  • Henry Oliver - Biggy (Ravensbourne University London)





WINNER - Charlie Manton - November 1st (National Film and Television School)

“Great dialogue. Powerful subject matter dealt with expertly. So powerful and dramatic, brilliantly written.”


  • Myriam Raja - Azaar (National Film and Television School)
  • Wei Han - Separation (UCL)

About The Royal Television Society
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As an educational charity, we encourage and celebrate work in television and its related fields, from finding out how the nation’s favourite shows are made in our Anatomy of a Hit series, to celebrating burgeoning talent at our annual Student Awards.

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Alongside our engaged community of over 5,000 full members, the Society is supported by Britain and the world's biggest broadcasters, producers and consultants, including Principal Patrons BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky.

Originally founded as the Television Society in 1927, the Society was granted its Royal title in 1966 and HRH The Prince of Wales became Patron of the RTS in 1997.

Today, 15 regional and national groups curate lively events and awards around the UK and Ireland, from Glasgow to Galway. 

RTS Futures, which is aimed at those in their first two years of employment, organises an exciting roster of discussion, training and social occasions. Recent events have included workshops on learning how to format shows and how to survive as a freelancer, and expert panels explaining how to be the best researcher and how to make it on-screen.

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